Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Hope It's Not Writer's Block...

Yellow all!

So, it's been about a month since my last post. Quite a few interesting things happened and also didn't happen. I got a boyfriend. That I did not expect. I finished my first year of university. Kinda expected that one, but it's still a totally weird feeling. Just thinking that I only have two more years of formal education freaks me the hell out. I have also done no writing whatsoever. I think I read over the summary for Sparks II once, and that's about it. Feeling so lazy. Well, not really lazy. I just don't want to do anything except play Magic the Gathering, a game my boyfriend got for me, talk to said boyfriend online and sleep in. And I seem to be eating pizza. A lot. *Raises eyebrow*

I haven't heard back from the agency I submitted Sparks to... whenever it was. I should really start keeping a track of stuff like that. But I think I've gone past the 'If you haven't heard back from us at this time, then we don't like you' date. So I suppose I should do up another cover letter and send it to someone else. Actually, I might do an editing session first. Said boyfriend spotted a mistake on about page ten. *Worried face*

What else have I been doing? *Finger on chin*
We had a garage sale. I managed to sell my PS2 and all the bits and pieces that went with it. Earnt some pocket money. Tried to learn the Party Rock Anthem shuffle today, but failed miserably. Watched Cars 2. Which was surprisingly good for the sequel of a children's movie. Normally I hate sequels, but this was quite okay. Aaaaand... That's about it. Exciting huh?


(See what I did there?)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fangirl Rant

Well, here goes my first real blog entry. Part of which is already on deviantART, but, meh. I have study to do, so I'm going to cheat a little and copy-paste. You won't tell anyone, will you?


I am currently most of the way through my second semester of my university degree. My first year is nearly over. It seems only yesterday I had just arrived on college, a brand new fresher. Exams are coming up, I had assignments due, and all I could seem to do was listen to Doctor Who audiobooks!
I didn't actually know they existed until about a couple of weeks ago, when I was craving more Doctor Who and decided to Google them. Turns out there are about four audibooks that are actually read by David Tennant and three by Matt Smith. This led me to curling up in my deskchair for hours, headphones in, clutching a pillow and my doctor doll, wearing my fez, and listening to that gorgeous Scottish accent. (I haven't got to Smith's books yet.) I must say that he does them books just as well as he acts. The transitions between his narration and doing the Doctor's voice is seamless, and you can hear every wink and grin. *Stares off dreamily into mid-distance*

I was also bouncing up and down in my seat, eagerly awaiting 7:30 a few Saturdays ago. Most of my friends downloaded the Doctor Who finale and watched it early, but I decided to wait. It was fantastic. Not as good as some episodes I've seen, but still fantastic. I won't go into detail about it, as it would be spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but as the episode is titled The Wedding of River Song I feel I am at least allowed to gush about how much I fangirl 'awwwww'ed and 'squee!'ed when River tied the knot. It was a lot. My poor Doctor doll nearly got the stuffing squished out of him in my excitement lol.

On other notes, but still Doctor Who related, I thoroughly enjoyed the Cosplay event that was put on at the university Anime Club I attend. It was great fun and I got a lot of comments on my costume, [link] . It was fun to make, fun to wear, fun to pose for photos in and incredibly fun to go and collect my 2nd place prize in. The prize turned out to be a 1:24 scale diecast model Delorean time machine from Back to the Fututre, another series that I absolutely adore. So there was then the question of what happened when a time machine was given a time machine...

Now what other stuff was I going to write about? Oh, yes. Writing.
My novel! It is finally finished! The main reason I wanted to start this blog so as to follow the beginning of what I hope to be a successful writing career. The first edition of my novel was completed when I was in grade nine at high school, I think. Since then it has had many, MANY rewrites and edits and periods of hating it, then loving it and then realising it was naive trash. But finally, I have produced a manuscript that I feel happy with. Now all I have to do is find an agent. Such a task is going to take a long time, with many, MANY rejections.
This is the synopsis bit I have written for my query letter, but cut an pasted here for a quick overview of the storyline:
My novel, Sparks, is Young Adult Fiction. It spans a period of three months and is set in Sydney, Australia, in the present year. The protagonist is Sarah 'Sparks' Harrier, a lonely sixteen-year-old girl who is abducted by puma/men hybrids and transported to an eerie, white-walled facility, where she awakens to find that she has been given extraordinary powers. The novel tells the story of Sparks' subsequent escape and her struggle to deal with her strange and dangerous powers as they begin to take over her life and affect her friendships. During her fight to understand why they have been forced upon her, she learns a devastating secret. This novel is approximately 86,000 words long.
If anyone knows of any good agents, whether it be here in Australia, or elswhere, contact me with their info please?

That's all from me for now, I thinks. I might go and listen to more Doctor Who. Or, y'know, do some study.

Monday, October 31, 2011

And So I'm Back, From Outer Space...

I'm going to cheat a bit here. I realised after reading a few blogs that some started with a bit of an introduction to themselves and what they are actually doing in this vast, messy world some call the 'blogosphere'. So, I'm going to change the date on this entry to make it appear as the first of this blog. I'll set it to Halloween, just for fun.

Okay, that done, time to introduce myself.
I'm Raechel. 

I am a young student, currently studying a Bachelor of New Media Arts at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. I love art and writing and I am hoping to get my novel, Sparks, off the ground sometime soon. It is my opinion that I spend way too much time on the computer. I like to read full sized novels in one sitting and I can spend whole days playing the Sims 2 and Minecraft. I love science fiction shows, namely Fringe and Doctor Who. I am not ashamed to say that I am a die hard Whovian fangirl. My greatest acheivement to date in this respect, is that my college dorm door is decorated to look like the TARDIS.

People tell me I'm slightly mad. I accept these compliments with bows. It is my opinion that normal people are rather dull. When you try to conform, you lose who you really are, or who you really can be. So, I be myself. Granted, it's very easy to be myself. I am lucky in many, many ways. I have a loving, generous family, a sharp mind, a good waistline and if I might says so, fair looks. I am at the beginning of my life really. I have not yet had any major emotional crises, achievements or failures. So, expect this blog to get interesting as I write about my life and these potential successes and disasters. And my writing. Don't forget the writing. 
I must say I love writing. I get a thrill when writing. I get to play with characters that I've pulled from nothing. I get to send them on adventures, succeed, fail, hurt, love. I would liken it to being like a god, but that's a bit egotistical. I think it's more like a link back to my childhood, where I'd set up my Barbie doll house so perfectly, then give my Barbies life. And then I'd steal my brother's Action Man, have Barbie invite him over for a plastic meal, a drive in the Barbie (R) Convertible, then take him up the dollhouse stairs, for some, uh... coffee. Yes. Coffee. *giggle* 
Anyway. Giving characters stories is fun, yes. But I also like to think about how people will read my stories. I want to take them on adventures too. I want to see their eyes light up as they read the plots I first dragged kicking and grumbling onto the page, then spent hours polishing, cleaning and re-reading. I want people to enjoy my writing and get lost in the stories like I do.

So, hopefully, that's what this blog will acheive. It will tell a journey of my life and my writing.