Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deliciously Tender...

It's happening again! The words are making it out of my brain, down through the conduit of my fingers and into the computer! I have written just a small bit, but I think it's worth a blog post since I haven't done one about my writing for quite a while now.
I was thinking in the shower about how I needed to introduce my main villain. I couldn't have him simply turn up at the end of the novel and have my readers go all "Well, who's this now and what's he got to do with anything?" So, I'm going to have little snippets of his storyline in with the main character's travels and eventually they will join up at the end.
You might not remember, but I gave this villain a quick overview in a previous post. His name is Faaro Lovell. On the outside, he's a charming, well dressed aristocrat who's the right hand and advisor to the king. But, he has a secret. A big secret. And I think it's justified for me to leave that secret for readers to discover when the book is finished, hey? 
Anyways, the scene I wrote to introduce him is one in which he meets a small girl outside a bakery. She's young and barefoot and looks like she hasn't eaten in days. He wins her over with a smile and a sticky bun. He then invites her back to his house for dinner. Emphasis on the 'for'.

Here's a quick picture I whipped up of what Faaro would probably look like. Photo supplied by Falln-Stock, textures, edits and glasses done by me.

Feeling: Tired and head-achy. Typical that it comes on when I finally start to get some writing done.
Listening to: Secrets - A cover by the incredibly talented street violinist Bryson Andres. Seriously, just go watch this.
Wearing: Pjs. And a towel. My hair is wet.
Eating: Nothing. It's midnight. I had pizza for dinner though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, I did this today.

This is the first pinata I have ever made - and it turned out AWESOME. It's for my little-big brother's up and coming 18th birthday party.  He's a big nerd and is totally PC orientated, so I though it would be funny to bash up an old Mac. It was made over a period of about four hours, from a pizza box, cereal boxes, cardboard, pipe cleaners, paint, print-outs, tissue paper and LOTS of masking tape

No updates on Soulless yet reader minions. I have been too busy shopping for costume parts, making said costume, watching 2 Broke Girls, cleaning ibis poop off lawn chairs, and making an epic pinata.
Hopefully there will more writing done soon though. The little voice in my head keeps poking me and telling me to get a move on.

Eating: Had delicious meatlovers pizza.
Wearing: Cute little black dress. It has over sized buttons on the front.
Feeling: Tired. Who knew that making pinatas took so much out of you?
Listening to: Funky Town. An awesome cover by the Australian band Pseudo Echo.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bruised Hips and Doodle Brains

No tidbits for you today! It's not that I don't want to give you one, it's just that I have none to give you! *Guilty face* I have not done any more writing since last post - in which I hadn't done any either. So it has technically been two posts... But! You do get something this post! Just not any writing. The keyboard was not being very friendly this evening, so I turned to my trusty old friend the pencil and had a nice long catch up session. Oh, we talked about all sorts of things; he'd just gotten a new haircut and was feeling rather sharp, his partner, the eraser, is still pretending that everything he's ever said never existed. You know, the usual stuff. But then we got down to business. The result of which we are quite excited to show you.

We are proud to present to you tonight, the very first scene of Soulless - in sketchy graphic novel form!

What say thee of my newest arts?

Apart from my doodling, the only other work that's been done on Soulless is a full page of notes and scribbles as to what has to come next in the chapter. I am not one of those people who can write flying by the seat of their polka dot pants. I really have to plan out what I want to happen. Otherwise I find myself going back time and time again to fix things that don't make sense or adding things in to make later things add up. Sure I will probably have to do a little bit of that anyway, but with this planning before each writing session, I seem to get a lot more done and done awesomely.

Feeling: Like I need to go and brush my teeth. Also my hip is bruised. I ran into a wall. Again. I swear they gang up on me.
Eating: I had a honey comb flavoured, chocolate coated ice-cream on a stick. Was delicious...
Wearing: PJs. As usual.
Listening to: Only You - Yazoo. Yay for epic 80s music!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Decor

It's virtual decor, see?
Just a quick post here. I haven't done any more writing since my last one. I've been busy, uh, cleaning, I think. And watching Grimm. Again.
Just wanted to know what my readers think of the new blog title I had been pondering getting last post. I've always loved the word 'inkslinger' and thought it would be fun to incorporate. Don't forget the blog description either, that needed a change too.
Opinions, criticisms and cookies all welcomed.

Listening to: Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
Wearing: PJs. At two in the afternoon. Aren't I naughty?
Eating: Had some Delta Cream bikkies. I suppose I'll have to get some lunch soon.
Feeling: Unsure, but accomplished.

And now something funny.