Novel: Flare

Sparks/Flare was a novel I worked on throughout most of my highschool years. It is a Young Adult, Science-Fiction and the main character is based very much on me and some experiences I had during my schooling years. There are several different versions of this manuscript now.

New Version - Flare:
This story follows the journey of Sara Harrier, who is sometimes know by friends and family by her nickname, Sparks. She is a seemingly ordinary, rather spoilt sixteen year old girl. When she was only very young, Sara nad her brother were kidnapped by some inhumane organisation and experimented upon, causung the death of her brother and father. She now lives with her mother and a lovable bulldog named Washington.
Sara only seems ordinary though. Beneath that popular-girl veneer lies a troubled and twisted psyche. Sara needs medication for all sorts of mental health problems and to prevent her from having hallucinogenic breakdowns. Her life is thrown into turmoil with a backstabbing, a new friend, a hot boy, and a day without medication. She is beseiged with strange dreams of a laboratory, a man in a white coat, horrible creatures and strange powers. What these dreams mean, Sara does not know, but they have stopped being just dreams and have begun to invade her waking world.

Old Version - Sparks:
The story follows the journey of Sarah Harrier, known more commonly by her nickname, Sparks.
She is a seemingly ordinary, shy sixteen year old girl. Her mother went missing when she was only five, and she now lives with her father and brother. Her life becomes a little less ordinary however, when her lonely existence is besieged by manipulative girls, a hot new boy and she is kidnapped by a group of strange men.
She awakes after this incident, shackled to a table in a strange facility. She has somehow been gifted with extraordinary powers with which she escapes from her prison.
The story from then on is about Sparks’s attempts to deal with these strange and dangerous new powers and how they affect her life. She realises that she had been part of a strange science experiment, but when she sees that she can use her new found power to help people, she takes upon herself the role of a superhero.

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