Monday, July 30, 2012

Goosebumps and Other... Protrusions... of those Afflicted by the Cold

Okay, call it a first-world-problem, but I hate cold showers. Especially after a miserable few days like these, a cold shower just tops it right off. You know what I'm talking about when I mean cold showers? I assume you do. You've all showered before. At least I hope you have. And I don't mean cold showers as in no hot water left at all, because unless it's the middle of a forty degree Summer's day, that is a "(expletive here) that" kind of moment. No, I'm talking about the showers where it's the dead of winter and you start the hot water before you even strip off so that there's a nice hot steam radiating through the bathroom chasing away the chills. Then you get in. It goes okay for a few minutes. You start to soap up and scrub away, thinking about what you had for dinner, that movie that you watched yesterday, how the neighbor's dog looks like one of those water pump things when it poops - you know, normal stuff. Then, slowly, the water begins to get colder. You fiddle with the taps, turning the hot up and the cold down, the normal gig. This happens a few times until the cold is completely off and the hot is at the point of unscrewing from the wall. And still, the water becomes colder. At this point, you turn rapidly, like a chicken on a spit, trying to keep an even heat on your cold extremities. It finally reaches lukewarm. You're still half-soaped, still to wash your hair, standing under a jet of water that feels as warm as penguin's butt after a dip in the antarctic slush. Half of you is going "It's not that bad. You can totally take it. You have to shave anyway." The other half is going "Are you (expletive) kidding me!? Do you not know the meaning of body heat!? I could market myself as a new brand of vibrator right now!" The dilemma now is whether to finish the shower and bear the chattering teeth, or to screw it and streak through the house searching for an electric blanket. 
My suggestion upon this matter is to scrub like you're being paid a million dollars to beat the world record at it, dress like one of those magic quick-change artists (if you haven't seen any in action, I highly recommend YouTube-ing some - they are as mystifying as they are awesome) and then hightail it back to your warm bed as if there were a hot, naked, willing being of your preferred gender/species in it.

Thank you, thank you. *numerous bows* This random rant was brought to you by inspiration from two Robin Williams movies and the letter F, for cold with an adjective.

Feeling: As described above.

Listening to: These words spoken in Robin William's voice in my head.

Eating: Way too much...

Wearing: The warmest pajamas I own. Plus booties.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Remembrance of a Slobbery Dog

We got this great, galumphing, yellow eyed monster just before Christmas, five or six years ago. At the time, he was a puppy so ugly that he was cute, dressed in a tiny red vest and Santa hat. He soon grew into an enormous dog, that still thought he was small enough to sit in your lap, and knocked you flat when he did.
This is Diesel. A red, Neapolitan Mastiff-Dogue de Bordeaux. He often acted more like a lion than a dog. He lazed around in the sunshine, and played like a cat, catching your feet with his big paws as he followed you around.There was always drool akin to shoestrings hanging from his chops.
He was not an intelligent dog, on account of the medication he needed due to his epilepsy, but he was loyal, loving and always ready to play.

Rest in peace my lovely puppy...

Monday, July 23, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 14 & 15

Okay, okay. I know how late these challenge responses are. I have many excuses though. I became very busy with last minute shopping trips and costume making before I began packing for my return to university. Then I spent a whole day travelling to said uni, unpacking and catching up on four weeks of not seeing my boyfriend.

Today was my first day back at lectures. I've already got four assignments due in the next few weeks. They sound like a lot of fun though, so I'm not to worried.

Anyways. Back to challenges.
Day 14 asks if I were only allowed one movie to watch for the rest of my life, which one would it be and why?
It's really rather hard to say. I have a lot of favourite movies. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for any of them though. Among my top favourites would be The Shawshank Redemption, the Back to the Future trilogy, Iron Man and Avatar. If I really had to choose only one to watch forever, I would have to pick A Little Princess. This movie is one of my all time faves. I watched it first as a little girl and have loved it ever since. I remember watching it while I lay in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy. It is a truly beautiful movie. It makes me both giggle and cry.

And finally, day 15's challenge is to write about the best compliment I've ever received.
Well, this one is pretty easy. I get it all the time from a certain lovely someone. He tells me all the time that I'm beautiful. I know that he means that I'm not just pretty, but have a beautiful personality too. Every time he says it, I feel a wonderfully warm glow. One other compliment I get from him is a little quirkier and makes me laugh as well as feel good, is 'Bestest human ever!'

Saturday, July 14, 2012

15 day Challenge No# 13

Today's challenge is a list of favourites. So, here goes.

What is your favourite -

Song: I have lots of favourite songs. It really depends on what ood I'm in. But, at the moment, I'd have to say Katy Perry's Last Friday Night.

Quote: "Your future is what you make it; so make it a good one." - Dr. Emmet Brown.

Food: Risotto. Definately risotto. Just the thought of yummy, creamy chicken and parmessan risotto makes me drool.

Vacation spot: Well, at the moment it would have to be Lakefield in central Queensland, because it is a fantastic fishing spot. But, I would also say the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, because it's the only place I've been with snow.

Photo: Hrm. Well it doesn't ask whether it has to have been taken by or of me, so... Either the portrait shot I took of my boyfriend in the photo studio one night, or the one I took of my Dad in his natural environment lol.

My Dad, in his shed.
My boyfriend, looking like a Greek sculpture.

Listening to: Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison.

Feeling: Happy/tired/slightly peeved. The rodeo was good, but the ride I really wanted to go on was not there this year!

Wearing: Pink pajamas again.

Eating: Lollies and flairy floff! :P

15 Day Challenge No# 12

12: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

Actually, just the rest of this month! I love July. It's winter, so expeditions to the Drive In theatre are like expeditions to the south pole, the Big Mareeba Rodeo is on this weekend and the weekend after is my 19th birthday, after which I get to go back to college!

I love the Rodeo. We've been attending it since I was really little. It has bull rides, bareback bronco riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling - all the great rodeo spectator sports, and then they have a State of Origin competition. In Australia, there is a huge rugby league game called the State of Origin. The best players from New South Wales and Queensland go head to head each year. Queensland won this year for the seventh time in a row! Go Queensland! So, at the rodeo, we do a similar tradition. A team of elite bull riders and rodeo champs from both states duel it out. Last year the New South Wales team won... Such a shame...
The best part of the Rodeo in my opinion is Sideshow Alley and all the rides that come with it. There is one awesome ride, that seriously makes you question how it's still in operation with all these health and safety regulations. It's old (it was around when my mother was young), it's rickety, and it is a total blast. Here's a short video of what the contraption does: The Zipper. The best part is when one of the small carriages on the track is thrown over then end of the main rotating oblong. There is so much g-force in your tiny little cage and sometimes you can get up to nine revolutions in one go.

So, my birthday is also coming up. On one hand - presents! Big yays! On the other hand - oh my God, I'm going to be nineteen... It really does freak me out that I have one year left of being a teenager. The time has passed so quickly it seems.

I'm looking forward to going back to college. I love my little room on campus. I love the unlimited download after eight pm. I love that I can walk across the yard and see my friends. It's great living on campus. I can't wait to get back to anime club and back into my subjects. I am so glad I chose to do this degree. i just suits me so well.

Feeling: Uber excited. Rides tomorrow!

Wearing: Short pink pyjamas. It amuses me to notice that nearly all of my pyjamas are pink. I really do not make a conscious decision to have pink pyjamas. I don't even like pink that much lol.

Eating: Trying not to eat the lollies I collected from the Rodeo Downtown Parade... Must... resist...

Listening to: Nada.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 10 & 11

And I did it again. I have no excuse for not blogging yesterday. The only thing I can say is DEATH TO FACEBOOK GAMES. They make me too 'busy' to do anything else. Has anyone else become addicted to these ridiculous little, two-dimensional, absolutely irresistible death traps? If so, describe which ones so I can specifically avoid them. My current poisons of choice are House MD. and Dragon City.

So, yesterday's challenge was to write about my most embarrassing moment.
Ah... Let's see now. The situation I would say was my most embarrassing is a little too personal to put up here... So let's go with my second most.
In grade eleven, my first boyfriend and I, caught up in the midst of our high school romance, thought that the school swimming carnival at the public pool would be a good place to make out. As it was, we were caught by the vice principal and made to sit at either end of a long bench for an hour. Apart from that, I was a good little schoolgirl, so it was suddenly mortifying to be on the other side of school rules. That wasn't the only time we got in trouble either... I recall my librarian describing us as 'serial canoodlers'.

Today's challenge is to write about the one thing I would never change about myself.
There are a lot of things I would like to change about myself, as in habits and health, and my opinions are strong, but open to betterment. But, I think the one thing that I will never change, is being weird. I love the phrase 'Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional'. Sure there are times when maturity and seriousness is needed, but I hope never to grow out of, or stop being weird and having fun doing so. I want to be one of those people that others walk past, and can't stop thinking about how odd, but happy they seem. People I see doing that leave a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Feeling: More accomplished than yesterday in which I did nothing but play games. I cleaned my room and two large dogs, who then sat on me. I also worked on my cosplay some more.

Listening to: Joan Osbourne's What if God Was One of Us? is currently stuck in my head.

Eating: Had Macca's for tea because Dad went up town.

Wearing: Old school shorts and a black tee with 'I <3 Hugs' printed on it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 9

Challenge Number 9: Describe the best day of my life to date.

Erm. Well, this is definitely a hard one. I have has a lot of really good experiences in my life, but there are none at the moment that really stand out to me. There were some really cool moments that spark in my memories, but as for entire days, I can't think of any.
Two of my brightest memories were times I was asked out. I can remember glowing and bouncing and not being able to sit still afterwards.
Another moment was when I got my acceptance letter to university.
The feeling I got when I finally finished my first manuscript was undeniably cloud-nine-y. And then when I found out I was the runner up for the Somerset Novella competition, and my very first cosplay.
I suppose I am yet to have my 'best day', but I have really loved all the days I've had so far.

In other news:
Today has been eventful! Yay! I went shopping with Mum and found some cheap cotton gloves and black dye to add to my next cosplay - I'm going as an Enderman, one of the creepy monsters from the game Minecraft.
Trust me - In game he's creepier than he looks.

I have designed a more real looking version of the creature and I am slowly making and accumulating the bits and pieces for the costume. I found a cardboard box for the head, altered the shape slightly and began dabbing on some modelling paste for some three-dimensional effect to the face. It is currently drying and has been banished outside - it smells funky. I'm also going to have to get Dad to help me with a set up that will allow me to have glowing purple eyes. Hopefully this cosplay will turn out well.

Feeling: Like there was a huge rock inside my skull pressing on my eye and brain. Panadol has banished it for the moment.

Wearing: Pink, heart-patterned pyjamas. I am so stylish - not.

Listening to: Do You Believe in Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful (I had to have it after I watched Meet the Pyro)

Eating: Nothing. Too full of Hawaiian pizza and ice cream.

Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 7 & 8

Bah. I did it again. I left myself some time to do yesterday's blog, but accidentally spent it playing Facebook games and Minecraft. Oops. So today is another double post.

Challenge 7: Recommend a book.

Hmm... I have read quite a few books. Mostly young adult fiction. I think I would have read more books than any other person in my grade at high school. I always had one with me in class to read when I had finished my work (teachers used to dislike me doing this) and I developed the ability to read while walking, without running into things.
Now, it may seem like I'm copying Paul, but I really do have to recommend Terry Pratchet's Discworld series. Start at The Colour of Magic. That's the first of the fourty-two or so that he's written. You will not be disappointed - Pratchett is an absolute genius when it comes to writing. The language he uses is simply magnificent and his characters so unique and loveable. Each book is a romp that will have you splitting your sides. I know I did.

Challenge 8: Describe "The Good, Bad and the Ugly" about myself.

The good: I, in my humble opinion, am a very nice person. I am nice to everyone I meet, I try to see the reason behind people's bad behavior before I make judgements and I really don't like to manipulate people. This kindness leads to other people not wanting to be mean to me, so it's better all round for everyone.

The bad: I can be very lazy at times. Occasionally I have these sudden spurts of inspiration or productivity, but generally I am a couch potato. For example, since I got home a month ago on a break from uni, I have not unpacked my suitcase. There are clothes and art supplies spilling from my bag an suitcase all over the floor.

The ugly: In stark contrast to my first statement, I am very selfish. I like to take and not give anything back. I realise that a lot with my parents. They feed me, clothe me, provide me with money for uni, accommodation, entertainment etc, and I find myself complaining when asked to do simple chores.

In other news, I went shopping today with my mum. I got to use my Provisional license for the first time. I very much dislike driving. It took me four goes to pass my practical test because of serious underconfidence.
We went to several op-shops and to Big W and just had a general look around. I found a lovley pair of red silk stilettos seond hand. It's very rare to find such lovely shoes in my size, so I snapped those up for six dollars. Having really big feet is a trait in my family. My younger brother has size fifteen feet. When anyone else tries on his shoes, they look like clown shoes. I used to tell people that the phrase "Act your age, not your shoe size" kind of didn't apply to him lol.
So, after that, we went and had lunch at McDonalds. I decided I'd try the new Paris Chocolate Delight thing, which is a brownie with ice cream, chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows. It was... weird. The ice cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallows were all as synthetically sweet as usual, but the brownies - they tasted like chicken. I could only assume it was from being cooked in the same area as chiken patties and nuggets were prepared. I tried to convince myself that it tasted otherwise, succeeded for a while, got distracted and then realised it tasted like chicken again. I felt a little sick afterwards.

Listening to: Nothing. I don't even have music stuck in my head.

Wearing: Old school shorts and a t-shirt. I was doing a line-dancing video with Mum this afternoon.

Feeling: Tired. I expect my muscles will seize up tomorrow from the intense workout.

Eating: Definately not chicken-chocolate-ice cream soup.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 6

Today's challenge is to write about something I've always wanted to do, but haven't. 

I've actually done quite a lot in the short time I've been alive. I've been on a cruise to south-east Asia, I've been up and down the east coast of Australia, I've been skiing, I've been accepted into a university course, I've done a lot of other things I love. So, I'm really not sure what else I might want to do. There is travel of course. A lot of different destinations on the list. Ireland, Canada, other European countries, all the way around Australia. Everyone wants to travel though. I just cannot think of anything I really want to do apart from that. 

Actually... I just thought of one. I would very much like to attend a Comic Convention. I've always seen the pictures of the cosplays and have longed to be one of them. Cosplaying is rather new to me, so I wouldn't call it a hobby just yet. But I would love, absolutely love to be one of the costumes on the floor. I have all of these wonderful ideas for cosplays. Unfortunately I do not usually have the budget, time, or skill to prepare the creations that are so beautiful in my head. They never turn out exactly how I want them to. But, I suppose, more practice will make perfect. 

I've only done two proper cosplays in my lifetime, and a lot of other fancy dress ups. The two cosplays I did were the TARDIS from Doctor Who, and Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I've also dressed up as a murder victim, Catwoman, Arya, the elf from Eragon, two different versions of a police woman, a pussy cat and a devil. I really love dress ups.

My sexy TARDIS costume. You can't really see it here, but the hat lights up.