Monday, March 18, 2013

Supernatural Ass

Good evening brethren of the pen and page. This meeting is convened upon the night of the sickle moon and the jig-dancing, green-hatted dwarf. Moonshine and crocks of gold for all.

It is true that I have not posted in quite a while. Mainly because I have been taking a break from writing and as such have nothing to post about. I have read that it's a good idea to take a break in between finishing a first draft and beginning the edit on it, so as to more easily be objective. 

What I have been doing, is boasting to everyone who'll listen that I've recently finished a 99,000 word manuscript, and then telling them off for suggesting to add another thousand words to make it an even 100,000. It's weird that they suggest that. Why is 100 better than 99? Both are equally cool to say in my humble opinion... But, who knows. Maybe after the edit it'll go up, or possibly down. All I care is whether it's a good story.

My brain, now currently free of its commitment to Soulless, has been pondering a little about the next rewrite of Sparks. I know for sure that the current manuscript is in a terrible state. Sure, I love the characters, the villain and some of the scenes, but I know that it is actually quite a shallow and cliched story. I have basically written the female version of Spiderman. So, there have been some notes on what modifications are to ensue - nothing concrete though. There are still a lot of plotholes to be filled with steamy hot, delicious story-tar. My brain needs to strap on its boots and high-visibility jacket and get to work on those. It's going to be exciting when it does.

Nearly all of my favourite TV shows are back on the air. I awaited not-so-patiently for the return of Grimm, and the mid-season kick off was not disappointing. Castle, Once Upon a Time and 2 Broke Girls were back quite a few weeks ago and I eagerly await for them each day. What I have been amusing myself with in the meantime, is a copious amount of True Blood. I got up to mid-way through season four and decided to stop though, having lost interest after my three favourite characters all broke up. I highly recommend the series if you liked Game of Thrones. Their similarities include epic intro songs and scenes, much politics, blood and a high boob per hour count.
How could you not want to watch when the vampires look like this?

I apologise if this post is feeling a little dry though. My brain is slightly fuzzy. I was out clubbing till 2:00am last night. I had an insane amount of fun, and was weirdly unable to get drunk. Normally I'm quite a lightweight. What topped the night off though, was how many times my butt was pinched. I was wearing a slinky grey dress I bought at at a second hand shop for $4.00. It made my ass look incredible. Three times it got nipped. Also, as I left the club for the night, I was heading toward the taxi rank in the middle of my group of buds when two scary looking Latino fellas strolled right up to me and asked if I wanted to go far a walk with them. Rather stunned, I simply said "No thanks," and walked away. I attribute this overwhelming interest as a testament to the power of second hand shops. Never buying retail again.

Eating: Dinner was St. Patricks day themed here at college. We had beef and Guinness pies.
Wearing: Pink, striped pajamas.
Feeling: Tired, but good.
Listening to: The sexy theme song from True Blood is still looping in my head. Have a listen and you'll know what I mean.

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  1. Huzzah! Ya' gonna start the edit! :D Get it done already!

    :O No more clubbing! No more retail dresses! Or I swear I'll call yer mum!


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