Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hubble, Bubble...

Toil and trouble.
Something's a-brewing in my head. And it's not Sparks. No, my brain has decided that it wants to focus on an new story idea. Well, when I say new, I mean I got the idea some time last year, wrote it down and then thought no more of it. Until now. I found myself pondering it the other night and suddenly I had a breakthrough on the main complication.
The story is set in a fictional, steam-punk styled world. There is a magic within this world, called life-magic. People normally just call it magic. This is the energy, along with normal energy, that resides within every living thing. Within this world, there is a curse. An affliction of sorts. I have yet to figure out how it originated. Anyway. People who are affected by this disease rapidly lose their life-magic. They have to continually top up from other life sources, reducing that source's magic and transferring the disease in the process. So think vampires, but life instead of blood, and no sparkles.
There are going to be two main characters in the story, and a really sick, twisted bad guy. A friend of mine gave me a brilliant idea for the twisted part. See, when one of these afflicted beings touches another being to absorb its magic, they also absorb some of its characteristics. There are many implications because of this, and I won't go telling them all now. That's something people will have to find out when I get this published lol.

Feeling: A little less like death warmed up, as of late.

Wearing: My Stig shirt, uggs and a stripy jumper. All to protect me from this unnatural, bitterly cold weather.

Eating: I wish. I've run out of snacks.

Listening to: Happy Ending - Mika

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