Saturday, June 2, 2012

Throwing Popcorn

The car swerved violently and smashed into the truck. The screeching of metal was drowned by the explosion as flames burst violently from both vehicles. I rolled my eyes.
It seems as though as I have gotten older and (slightly) wiser, I have begun to notice how fake movie scenes can be. The scene above for instance, is now one of my pet peeves. It seems that in every movie cars that crash magically blow up on impact. That, or they're coincidentally carrying a massive amount of high explosives. I find myself snorting derisively at other physics defying, or extremely coincidental scenes too. Like the one in the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie. Ingenious Captain Jack had just shimmied up the palm tree he had been tied to and then used the rope to lassoo the top of another palm tree. He pulls it back further and futher then finally release it, sending him flying as if it were a sling shot. While watching it, my brain, rather than enjoying another of Jack Sparrow's brilliant and hilarious escapes, was telling me that this was a pile of dung. The tree he had lassooed was the same height of the tree upon which he was standing, so, was probably the same bendiness. As he pulled the lassooed tree back, did the first tree bend in the same manner? Of course not. That would mean physics was working. 
It makes me wonder whether this is what it means to grow up. You start seeing more logic than magic. It worries me... I'd hate to lose the magic movies have always held for me.

It's not all bad news though. I watched a movie I've wanted to see for a while. Water Horse was a surprisingly good family film. The CGI was quite magnificent and the little digital creature was meshed rather beautifully into the real world. I didn't quite like the main character's mother though. She seemed very vague, and rather slutty actually. She had a dithering smile and was always checking out one officer or another.

It seems that Dale and I are off to see Dark Shadows tomorrow. Er, today actually. I don't really consider it the morrow unless the sun has risen. Anyway. He'd seen the trailers for both of the new Snow White films, Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror and wanted to see them. I tried to remember if they were in the cinemas at the moment or not. Turns out the latter has already been and the former isn't due out till the end of the month lol. Didn't matter though, as soon as I'd mentioned Johnny Depp, Dale was all on board for Dark Shadows.
I must say that I really like Johnny Depp's acting style. He does quirky and eccentric oh so well. I can't get over that hat in the new Alice in Wonderland. He and Tim Burton were really just made for one other.

Here I go again, sounding very pompous. I notice it sometimes, when I'm writing emails, or writing anything really. It might be something to do with the lateness, or the stiffness of this being the first thing I've written in the day, but I find that I tend to sound pomous or overly formal. My writing just lacks the personality I want it to have. This is something I should probably work on. But not now. I'm feeling to lazy to go back and edit this post.

I should probably go to bed now. Before it starts speaking to me from within sleep-loss induced hallucinations.

Wearing: Uggs and warm stuff again. My father's '84 Custom Van and Car Club shirt.

Eating: Et some beef noodles. Tongue tastes like fake, salty flavouring.

Listening to: The mild drizzle.

Feeling: Better than last post. But my shoulders feel broken from the coughing and sneezing.

Word of the Day: I'm sure I had one... I know that yesterday's was teenybopper.

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