Friday, April 19, 2013

Geek in Progress

See that? That, ladies and gentlemen is what happened today. I finally printed out the Soulless manuscript. It is a whole inch thick slab of delicious novelly goodness. And it weighs more than a jar of salsa dip. I didn't really have anything else heavy on my desk to compare it to.

Anyway. Printing it all out has been my first step towards editing. I find that seeing the words on paper allows me to catch mistakes better than on the computer screen. It also allows me to scribble all over it in red pen, adding notes in the margins and what-not. Also, some random advice to all you other aspiring authors out there: read your manuscript aloud. I have read that it helps a ton during the editing stage of a novel. It helps you catch lots of other things - sentences that seem too long, weird dialogue, commas in the wrong place, etc. I actually did quite a bit of this back in February. I printed out several chapters and read them to my mother during the five-hour drive down from my hometown to the dormitory where I spend my academic year. She's really excited about me finishing this book - what she really wants though, is to see it turned into a movie. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to see my story as a movie one day, but first I have to publish the silly thing. At least my plan to turn her into a geek seems to be working. I've slowly been re-introducing her to fiction and fantasy in the form of TV shows and this book (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

One thing that really weirds me out about writing is that rereading what I've written takes me hours to do. For some reason it doesn't feel like it should take me that long - that it shouldn't take as long as reading an actual book does. Then it clicks in my brain - it takes so long to read because it is an actual book. Cue more excited wacky-waving-inflatable-flailing-arm-tube-man dancing.

In other news not writing related, I have a new pet - and I say pet quite loosely. I live on the second floor of my dormitory and my window looks out into a rather scrubby garden. A beautiful black bird called a drongo has taken up residence right outside my window. He sits on the same branch every night. He has meticulously cleaned and stripped other branches and leaves off this one particular whippy little bough. It is highly amusing to watch his continued efforts at removing any other unwanted specks from his perch - it often causes him to hang upside-down. I have named him Batman, on account of the fact that when he sleeps, he's all hunched over and broody looking, exactly like the batty superhero by the same name. Even during the day his persona suits him. Flitting around, looking sleek and handsome, making lots of noise and mischief, is a little feathery Bruce Wayne.

Feeling: Hungry.
Eating: About to go to dinner. Although I had five lollypops yesterday. I don't think it was good for me...
Wearing: Short shorts and a black Stussy tee.
Listening to: A very short playlist consisting of two songs. Sweet Dreams (are made of this) by the Eurythmics, and the cover done by Marylin Manson. Such an awesome song.

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