Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Hunt for Sir Editor

This is just a very quick post before I go to bed. Brandishing my red pen like a an awesome ninja sword, I set to work on editing my lovely, thick manuscript this evening. Not too long ago, I finished finding all the silly mistakes in the hard copy I printed out a day ago, and then corrected them in the digital version. Thus, step one of my brilliant plan for world domination - uh, wait, sorry - step one of publishing Soulless is complete! Well, technically step one was writing the thing, and the first edit was step two, but whatever.
Now I must go on a hunt for several reclusive creatures known as beta-readers. I'll need people who are not so friendly as to be scared of giving me hard truths, and who can give me insightful details on how I've screwed up characters, plotlines and flow. Also to catch all those other nasty little spelling errors I might have missed. So, once I gather these knights of the red pen, I shall be marching onwards to the second edit!

Feeling: Awesome, but tired.
Wearing: Senior shirt and blue pants.
Listening to: Nothing. I can't read and listen to music at the same time.
Eating: Nothing, but I had some yummy post-Easter MnMs that were on special.

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