Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deliciously Tender...

It's happening again! The words are making it out of my brain, down through the conduit of my fingers and into the computer! I have written just a small bit, but I think it's worth a blog post since I haven't done one about my writing for quite a while now.
I was thinking in the shower about how I needed to introduce my main villain. I couldn't have him simply turn up at the end of the novel and have my readers go all "Well, who's this now and what's he got to do with anything?" So, I'm going to have little snippets of his storyline in with the main character's travels and eventually they will join up at the end.
You might not remember, but I gave this villain a quick overview in a previous post. His name is Faaro Lovell. On the outside, he's a charming, well dressed aristocrat who's the right hand and advisor to the king. But, he has a secret. A big secret. And I think it's justified for me to leave that secret for readers to discover when the book is finished, hey? 
Anyways, the scene I wrote to introduce him is one in which he meets a small girl outside a bakery. She's young and barefoot and looks like she hasn't eaten in days. He wins her over with a smile and a sticky bun. He then invites her back to his house for dinner. Emphasis on the 'for'.

Here's a quick picture I whipped up of what Faaro would probably look like. Photo supplied by Falln-Stock, textures, edits and glasses done by me.

Feeling: Tired and head-achy. Typical that it comes on when I finally start to get some writing done.
Listening to: Secrets - A cover by the incredibly talented street violinist Bryson Andres. Seriously, just go watch this.
Wearing: Pjs. And a towel. My hair is wet.
Eating: Nothing. It's midnight. I had pizza for dinner though.

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  1. He looks so sinister and super creep-like... o.O

    Glad to hear you are getting somewhere!!!! I want da book!


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