Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So, I did this today.

This is the first pinata I have ever made - and it turned out AWESOME. It's for my little-big brother's up and coming 18th birthday party.  He's a big nerd and is totally PC orientated, so I though it would be funny to bash up an old Mac. It was made over a period of about four hours, from a pizza box, cereal boxes, cardboard, pipe cleaners, paint, print-outs, tissue paper and LOTS of masking tape

No updates on Soulless yet reader minions. I have been too busy shopping for costume parts, making said costume, watching 2 Broke Girls, cleaning ibis poop off lawn chairs, and making an epic pinata.
Hopefully there will more writing done soon though. The little voice in my head keeps poking me and telling me to get a move on.

Eating: Had delicious meatlovers pizza.
Wearing: Cute little black dress. It has over sized buttons on the front.
Feeling: Tired. Who knew that making pinatas took so much out of you?
Listening to: Funky Town. An awesome cover by the Australian band Pseudo Echo.


  1. Watch carefully for procrastination... It lurks everywhere....

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I just noticed the new blog title...

    IT IS SO COOL. Wow. Just enough mystery and vagueness to keep it sick, with plenty of epic creativity to make it fly.


  3. As a Linux geek I love the "whack a mac" idea. You should make a mac and a Windows PC and let people choose.


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