Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bruised Hips and Doodle Brains

No tidbits for you today! It's not that I don't want to give you one, it's just that I have none to give you! *Guilty face* I have not done any more writing since last post - in which I hadn't done any either. So it has technically been two posts... But! You do get something this post! Just not any writing. The keyboard was not being very friendly this evening, so I turned to my trusty old friend the pencil and had a nice long catch up session. Oh, we talked about all sorts of things; he'd just gotten a new haircut and was feeling rather sharp, his partner, the eraser, is still pretending that everything he's ever said never existed. You know, the usual stuff. But then we got down to business. The result of which we are quite excited to show you.

We are proud to present to you tonight, the very first scene of Soulless - in sketchy graphic novel form!

What say thee of my newest arts?

Apart from my doodling, the only other work that's been done on Soulless is a full page of notes and scribbles as to what has to come next in the chapter. I am not one of those people who can write flying by the seat of their polka dot pants. I really have to plan out what I want to happen. Otherwise I find myself going back time and time again to fix things that don't make sense or adding things in to make later things add up. Sure I will probably have to do a little bit of that anyway, but with this planning before each writing session, I seem to get a lot more done and done awesomely.

Feeling: Like I need to go and brush my teeth. Also my hip is bruised. I ran into a wall. Again. I swear they gang up on me.
Eating: I had a honey comb flavoured, chocolate coated ice-cream on a stick. Was delicious...
Wearing: PJs. As usual.
Listening to: Only You - Yazoo. Yay for epic 80s music!

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  1. Don't let those walls get the better of you... It is a massive conspiracy against you.

    Awesome-nality! Haha, Rooke looks so sick! (the good way)

    Write more, Raechel. And if you don't feel like writing, then sketch more!


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