Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Very Skeletal Halloween

Now, we don't really celebrate All Hallow's Eve here in Australia. The shops are trying to push it and I did see a bunch of kids running around trick or treating, but as a general rule, we don't do Halloween. My college dining hall thought it might be fun to let loose and throw us a Halloween feast though. So I though it would be fun to try out something I've always wanted to do. Skeleton face makeup. Here is the result.

Sorry about the horrible picture quality. It was late and I was very tired. I had no energy to set up the tripod and get a better shot. This also explains why some of the paint on my 'teeth' has flaked off. But it was a lot of fun. Nobody else at the feast was dressed up and they all kept staring at me. Someone even asked for a photo with me. The feast itself was delicious. There was a roast pig on a spit, other roast things, and a whole table of delicious deserts. Toffee apples, eyeballs in jelly, chocolate spider crackles, ghost cakes and a cake that looked like a graveyard. I was so full by the end of it.
Later on a drive to MacDonald's, I got the best reaction. We were at the drive through and I turned around and and the chick in the car next to us saw me. She freaked the hell out, screamed and tried to roll the window up. 'Twas absolutely hilarious

Feeling: Annoyed.

Wearing: PJs.

Listening to: Call on Me - Eric Prydz

Eating: MOAR CANDY. And these funny bacon-cheese crunchy things.

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  1. HAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!! Pity you didn't record that lady's reaction....

    Mmmm... There is something strange about this picture Raechel... Something different about your face... Your hair maybe? ;)

    It is also the general rule around here. Us Africans don't usually participate in Halloween. Kinda silly to us, as we have enough monsters running around our country....


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