Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Pictures are Worth 7,000 Words. So Far.

Look! Another blog post! But, this one is different! You came here expecting all writing and complaining about assignments and um, well, whatever else it is that I write about. I can't really remember what off the top of my head - but that's not the point! Hah! You're getting pictures instead! Here. Have a picture.

And while you're at it, have another picture.

Yes, so, as you may have noticed, they're not completely random pictures. Amongst my assignmenting, movies and TV shows and to-ing and fro-ing of the student life, I decided to draw some pictures. Namely of some of the characters from Soulless. Which is currently at around 7,000 words. So yes. Maybe this post is about my writing. But in pictures!

So, in the first one on the left, we have Rook Llewellyn. One third of the protagonist party, soul-wraith, man-of-few-words and a heart of gold. He looked less wolfish originally. Still not sure if I like it. Note the patched coat, and completely covered appendages. This is important for soul-wraiths. Their power, or curse as some prefer to call it, cannot be controlled. They will absorb the life force from anything they touch, so they must prevent themselves from accidentally touching things, lest they accidentally absorb more than they expect and get a nasty new characteristic.
On the right is Evie Wray. Another third of the protagonist party, stubborn, pretty, and now also a soul-wraith. Unfortunately. If you noticed in the snippet of the story I posted back whenever it was, Rook accidentally transferred the disease when he pulled her out of the burning building. She is not as animal-ly as Rook yet. She is only a 'young' soul-wraith, as in she has not absorbed much life magic yet to change her features drastically. The magic she has absorbed was Rook's, that's why she looks wolfy too. And yes, she has a beardy thing. I was just trying to illustrate that her face and her pointy little ears are furry now. You can't see it, but she has a little bunny sort of tail. Rook's is longer because he's older/more tainted.

Second picture is some different versions of Rook's face. One version is more human, the other more wolfy. I don't know if I like either at the moment. The human is a little too human and the wolf is much too wolfy. I need a face somewhere in between.

So, my reader minions, what say you of my scribbles?

Wearing: PJs.

Eating: Had crispy MnMs, Starburst fruit chews and a cup of frozen Coke at the cinemas. Saw Judge Dredd in 3D. Was trippy.

Listening to: Nil.

Feeling: I can taste freedom. One more assignment then I've finished this year of Uni.

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  1. Amazeballs! That is what I think of your scribblings!

    I love how Rooke looks. He is a very distinguishable character. I also love the Soul-Wraith part. Seriously looking forward to when the book is published (there is no "if the book gets published". IT WILL BE PUBLISHED :D)

    PS. Greatest fans are traditionally given one of the first copies of the book, half-price.

    PPS. I'm your biggest fan.


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