Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fire and Brimstone

Well, not so much brimstone. Although there was fire. Apparently I just burned someone to death. I didn't even know I had that sort of writing in me. But, there you go. I'm a scary biatch! Characters beware!
I am finally picking up on my New-Year's resolution-y thing I wrote on a sticky note about a week after New Years. I titled it "My Writing Plan" and on it are the following dot points:
  • Finish five chapters before I go back to university.
  • Try to write every second/day.
  • See if I can crack 5,000 words in a day.
So far I have been pretty terrible at sticking to it, but I think today has been a small success. I put on some good music, opened up Soulless and got my lazy butt going. Amazingly, I managed to procure about 3,000 words and finished a chapter. With burning. Lots of burning. And drunkeness. And character development. Woo!

I have also discovered something rather interesting. Since I began writing assorted novels and short stories, I have gotten much better at typing. I haven't done a test to determine exactly what my word per minute count is, but I'm guessing it is much higher than it ever would have been had I not written said novels and delectable short stories. I have even begun to be able to touch type slightly. I can look away at my auxiliary screen and continue typing. It still needs a bit of practice though. My Ws become Es and my Us are generally Is lol. And my grammar has gotten a lot better. I now know how to properly add dialogue, and even know where and when to use whom! So, here's some potentially useless advice: if you want to learn to type better and faster and more grammatically correct, consider writing a novel. It'll also give you something to boast about. "Hey, what hobbies do you have?" "Well, I'm a writer. I've actually finished a novel." "Wow, really?"

In other news, I finished my Tardis project! Here's a picture of its transformation from pretty average to absolutely sexy.

Feeling: Kinda hungry. I haven't had an dinner yet. It's getting pretty late.
Wearing: Comfy blue shorts that are slowly becoming more and more worn in places. Also a grey tee with a pink tie printed on it that I got from a thrift store.
Eating: Not sure what I'll have for dinner. Probably sausages on bread. And maybe some garlic bread. My brother just started working at a pizza shop. He gets free pizza and pizza accessories all the time. It's wonderful...
Listening to: Drive By - Train

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  1. The Tardis looks great, Raechel!

    It is really good to hear that you are attempting to stick to your New Year's resolution! Whatever you do, don't stop writing :) I am waiting for the novel!


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