Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well. This is quite atrocious. I have not posted in quite a while. 
I'll admit I have been quite distracted of late. The holidays began and all I really felt like doing was rewatching some of my favourite television shows. I finished of both Fringe and Castle in a matter of weeks, the former airing its very last episode last week. I was very sad, but happy to see the ending of such a great story. It was both a good ending and bad - bittersweet you might say.
I have also been busy with some arty projects. I sewed myself up the cutest little Slenderman plushie with the new sewing machine I got for a very early birthday present. This is him here:

Snuggly death...

I've also created a tiny plush version of the turtle character named Kameo from the very awesome anime Gun X Sword. He can be hung as a necklace just like in the show. My current project is sitting outside drying nicely. I got a small Tardis DVD shelf thing with doors for Christmas. Unfortunately a lot of details on it were incorrect. My inner Doctor Who fan was screaming "Fix it! Fix it!" So I am in the process of repainting, adding recessed panels, new windows, a working, flashing light and redoing the signs. It is looking absolutely smexy so far.

But, the real reason I have hardly posted is because I have not been doing any work on Soulless. Bad Raechel. Very bad. *Smack on the wrist* But tonight, the stars have aligned and I have produced approximately a thousand words, which is from both edits and new material.
I noticed some strange things while researching a bit about herbs, gems and other things with supposed magical properties for a section of the novel I wrote a fair while ago. I was trying to find some materials with cleansing properties. I've already learnt that salt is used as a magical barrier in many different practices - mainly just from watching Supernatural and Teen Wolf. Eventually I settled on the salt and the herbs sage and silver birch, but it was quite amusing going through the lists of other herbs and their supposed properties on several different occult websites. I surmised that if I added up every different explanation of each herb's powers from each site, every different herb would have all the properties of every other one and as such, turn each herb into miracle one-cure-alls. It just made me shake my head at the people who might think that these things might actually be true. Even though I have this opinion, I find myself shopping rather regularly at healing crystal shops. I find myself explaining to the owners that I'm only in there because I love and collect rocks XD

Wearing: New PJs. These ones are peachy-orange, purple and polka dotted. So comfy ^_^
Eating: Nothing. It's currently one in the morning. Although I had some of my Mum's incredible beef stew for dinner. So good...
Feeling: Kind of sleepy. Also quite proud of myself for getting back into this novel.
Listening to: Run to Paradise - The Choirboys.

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  1. My goodness, woman! How long did I have to wait for a post! ;)

    You seem to be quite busy with... fan-art-stuffers.... Good on you!

    And it is good that you wrote a bit more: every tiny bit counts.

    :D Otherwise, it is great to hear from you again!


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