Friday, February 1, 2013


I counted today and it turns out I've managed to add a great chunk, around 12,500 words to Soulless, bringing the total number of squished together letters, sweat and cake crumbs to 48,000. Which means I'm probably past halfway. I'm not quite sure how this happened, but the weird buzzing in my brain may have been caused by it.

Apart from that, I have not much else to report. I have been doing no art, watching no TV, doing no fangirling. I may have eaten and slept somewhere along the way. I do remember an odd dream about being the 9th Doctor's companion. So, with no news to report, I though I might share the story in which I got the idea for Soulless in the first place.
I do not quite remember when exactly it was, only that it was in 2011. I was trawling through paintings on the site deviantART. I cam across a painting - I forget whether it had been done digitally or with actual paints - of a man with a shadowed face. He was wearing a sweeping cloak, patched in many places and covered in tiny bits of bone, twigs and other assorted trinkets. It made me start to imagine strange patchwork beings that had to cover themselves up. I wrote the idea down on the back of a drawing and thought no more of it until a year later. It was then I came up with the mechanics of Soul-wraith magic and a possible core storyline.
Part of me wants to find this piece of artwork. Another part of me says that I'm better off with the memories I have of it. I think my reasoning is that in the unlikely even that I do see it again, it might not measure up to the high standards I have in my memories
Maybe I should paint it myself? Or perhaps I should just focus on writing lol.

Listening to: Levitate - Hadouken!
Wearing: Yellow shorts, car club tee.
Eating: Just had chips, cake, an ice cream and a glass of Coke. Terribly full now.
Feeling: Buzzy. Definitely buzzy.


  1. :D You are getting closer to the end of your journey! Well done!

    My humble advice? Focus all your energy on the writing now... The art can be done later, either by a graphic designer or you.

    1. Funny thing is, I *am* a graphic designer lol. Well, I will be, if I manage to graduate at the end of this year :)


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