Thursday, June 7, 2012

Arting Around

So instead of any sort of witing today, I slept. A lot. And drew a picture. A bad picture. I really need something that gets me back into the groove of writing, whether it's on Sparks or this new novel I've been cooking up. I did read a few good blog posts last night, full of tips on writing and attitude that made me giggle muchly, but it didn't quite get me there. It seems that when I have nothing to do, I procrastinate on writing with internet-ing. And when I do have stuff to do, that is procrastinated upon with my writing. Curse you brain and your confuzzling habits. Does anybody else have this kind of problem?

Wearing: Super-warm, fluffy coat, uggs and high school senior tee. Wishing I had shin warmers.

Listening to: Not much. There are some cars driving past outside.

Eating: Just had pasta. It was a bit rich.

Feeling: Good, although I'll need another panadol soon.

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