Monday, June 25, 2012


It's a fun word to say. Try it. Just once. Maybe twice. Shlump. Fun to say, but the meaning (even though I know it's not a real word) is less fun. It makes one think of a marked decrease in productivity and morale. And a sort of lazy, puddled sitting positing. Which is exactly how I feel right now. It's worse because this is my third or fourth post in which I have not been able to write due to such a shlump. Curse you motivation and your extended holiday! *Shakes fist at the sky*

In other news, I bruised a certain posterior area while out on a fishing trip last week. A lot of other areas were also very sore for a while. We got up nice an early anticipating a lovely calm day out on the reef, but it was terrible. The wind was gusting much above what they were predicting and as such, all of our energy was expended just holding onto the damned boat. We only managed to catch three just legal coral trout and an assortment of tiny trout and inedible reef fish. The one upside was the wildlife. There were three green sea turtles that swam lazily by, popping their heads occasianlly and I saw flying fish leap from the choppy water as we struggled home.
I actually managed to stay relatively dry, uninjured and non-insect bitten the whole trip - that was until we got back to land. The sandflies chewed me to death, I got hosed and I slipped while climbing down from the back of the boat once it was on the trailer. Overall, not the most successful or enjoyable fishing trip.
Anybody else have any fishing horror stories? Or maybe success stories?

Listening to: Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jephson. Yay! Popular generic pop!

Eating: Nothing... Though I wish I had a candy bar of some description.

Feeling: Much better than last post.

Wearing: Jeans, shirt, jumper and my Minecraft diamond necklace. Be jealous suckers!

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