Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rawr! Hiss... I'm a Dinosaur

Hello again everyone! Or, no-one... Whoever happens to read this anyways.
I have been continuing my ignoring-writing, movie/TV watching binge. It's quite terrible. Today I saw Prometheus in cinemas. I must say that I thouroughly enjoyed it, even though I have not seen any of the Alien movies (Shame on me, I know.) I also watched all of the first season of an anime called Okami-san and her Seven Companions, which wasn't all bad, and then spent the last three hours crying a full bucket of tears over Titanic. Terrible, yes. Enjoyable - also yes. I now have a question for you all. Whenever I finish a movie, I find myself acting like the main character, or feeling the themes long after it's finished. If the movie was of a success story, I will feel like I can do anything for hours afterwards. If the main character had a distingushable accent, I find myself thinking in their voice, and sometimes speaking with their inflections. The weirdest thing happens after I watch Jurassic Park - I stalk around, feeling like a raptor, hissing at people, my arms held in front of me like claws. At the moment, I can feel the rocking of a ship, and hear its occasional creaks. My question is; Does anybody else get affected like this by movies? Maybe by good books? Or am I just crazy?

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