Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dem Beats

Do you find it helpful or a hindrance to have music playing while you write?

I for one alternate. Sometime I find it nice to have some tunes playing softly in the background, or not so softly, depending on my mood and what I'm writing at the time. Songs without words seem to be better than music with lyrics. And for that reason I can't write while watching a movie. I'll be following the story with half my brain and the movie with the other half and more ofthen than not, the movie side will take over and I'll end up writing what I hear. With music it's easier to ignore the words and just let the beats wash over you.
But then there are the times I just can't think because of the music. I'll feel releived and able to write clearly when I turn it off.
It really just depends on what mood I happen to be in I guess.

I once found a song that kept me going for about an hour. Nightwish's Last of the Wilds is one with no lyrics. I had my noise cancelling headphones in, with that song on repeat and I was just in the zone. Brain and keyboard connected and words flew onto the page. It was a pity I can't really do it again. The song's charm wore off a bit after that.

Totes what I look like while computering.

Eating: Considering chips. Maybe maltesers.

Listening to: From the Music - The Potbelleez

Wearing: Shorts, tee and thin grey jumper.

Feeling: Itchy. Rolled around in the grass this afternoon. Some of it ended up in my undies. I have no idea how.

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  1. Muzic. Definitely with Music. Preferably with Lyrics. I need to get into my singing mood to make the sorcery happen....


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