Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quintin Rthrtant Xesi Esiorto

Well, to my absolute astonishment, I found myself working on Soulless the other day. I pondered and I plotted and I planned and I finally just decided to write the scene that had evolved in my head.
It was a good scene. I made it to 1500 words before my brain decided it was too late to think anymore. I wrote the scene where the two heroes meet a character who has been in the works for a while. He is going to be a bit of comedic relief and a major plot point later. The lad's name is Quintin Rthrtant Xesi  Esiorto. An odd one, but you'd expect it if you were found as an infant by a contingent of sorcerers. He would have had another name stuffed in there if one of their number hadn't fallen asleep while the debate over what to name the poor boy raged. The two heroes have also grown names. I went through quite a few lists of old Gaelic and Scottish surnames to find ones that suited them. So we have our hero, Rook Llewellyn, and herione, Evie Wray. Rook, obviously a dark, wild bird. Llewellyn is Welsh, meaning lion-like. Evie is an alternative of Eve, the first woman, a symbol of life, and Wray, English for one who came from an isolated place. Rather suitable for who they are, I think. Oh and Quintin's name is pretty much just a bunch of gibberish. 'Quintin' I stole from a Wikipedia list of magicians, and the other three names were made in a Greek-sounding name generator.

Now I've also been reading a lot about how to create 'real', 'deep' characters. They must be believable. They need normal human characteristics. They need flaws. I have pretty much got Rook nailed down. He's tactless, harsh, distrusting, alchoholic, aimless and terrified of water, but with a heart of gold and a fantastic whittler. But with Evie, it's a bit harder. Sure, she's stubborn, naive, a bit of a klutz and short, but she really needs something else. She's compassionate and bold, but she needs an edge like Rook. A story really needs good characters. It's not the landscapes or politics you write about that draws people in; it's the people. They're what make you come back for more.

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Listening to: I did get some new songs after Watching Coyote Ugly today. Great movie, great music.

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  1. I love making and developing characters! Its my fave part...


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