Monday, September 24, 2012

Design All the Things!

So, I've had an assignment for a university subject which requires me to do at least 30 hours of experience in a workplace of my choice. Today was my first day of work experience at TBD Communication and design. It was so good! 
First off, my boss, Casper Shougaard, showed me around and explained all the emergency evac stuff, where the fridge was, all the randoms in the office etc. He then sat me down at my desk and gave me my tasks for the day. I was to work on a letterhead, a clothing tag and a business card for a logo I had designed ages back as part of my portfolio and for my own start-up t-shirt design business (which has not gone anywhere just yet). I was then able to sit in on a meeting with one of TBD's clients and witness how that worked, and then how Casper clocked and logged the beginning of that new project. He then looked over my drafts and we discussed how we might improve them. I'm going to work on them tomorrow too.
Here's a preview. This is just the logo. I would post a picture of the business card design, but my version of the software it's made in is too old to open it. *Sad face*

Other projects have been going on a scale from well to um-what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do. The one that's going well is the one that doesn't really count. That is my papercraft Immortal from two posts back. The other projects are two assignments that are due soon. One, a group member has just dropped out on and two, I do not have the equipment for, let alone an idea. *le sigh*
Here's an update on the Immortal bits.

Feeling: Looking forward to day two tomorrow.

Listening to: Can't Fight the Moonlight - Leanne Rimes (Coyote Ugly Soundtrack)

Wearing: Very yellow shorts and high school senior shirt.

Eating: I had a craving for a thickshake earlier. I have no milk though... *extra sad face*


  1. Sweet! You are obviously into design. The field I am possibly entering. Looks good!

    Whats a thickshake???:O

    1. A thickshake? Are you kidding? It's one of the most deslicious things on the planet! Like a milkshake, but so thick with ice-cream you can barely suck it through a straw. Yummy...


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