Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Safe Word Is Apples...

So... recently I found another TV show to binge on, and in the process procrastinate on writing and university assignments. This show is the funny and fantastic, crime-comedy, Castle. I had heard about it, seen the ads for earlier seasons on television, and dismissed them as just another show I didn't really want to watch. But I was bored and IMDB told me that I might like it. So I downloaded the pilot, and couldn't stop watching. The crime bit is good, but the characters were what kept me sucked into this insane little Castle cyclone. I sat there dying to see more and riding every emotion like a supercharged roller coaster. I have officially become part of another fandom. I'm already planning custom fan apparel...

In other news, I have a veritable tonne of assignments. Which I just don't want to do. I know I only have three weeks to do them in, but... I just can't get off my butt. The same goes with writing. I know I have stories stashed in my head, I just can't be bothered to wade through the fluff, old barbies and lolcat pictures also stored in my brain/attic.

Cosplay was absolutely epic. We had so much fun. So many people turned up! I secretly think this was because of me and my awesomely designed advertisement posters... There was a trivia quiz, a drawing competition, a baking contest, an anime dubbing competition and a maple syrup chugging race. The syrup contest ended a bit badly. One of the contestants (a well known sore loser), after losing over some technicalities, decided to pour some of his syrup over the head of the member of the committee who was running the event, in the process nearly ruining his $180 Deadpool costume. he was also a nuisance at the previous Cosplay. This member has since been banned from future events.
I am looking forward to the Cosplay Gala we are holding in a few weeks. It's a more formal version of the Cosplay, held at a venue with alcohol. I'm going dressed as the Slenderman. *Evil grin*

I got an art project back today. Several weeks ago, we were given the task to interpret 'utopia' using space, meaning sculpture or other three-dimensional media. I made a small doll with rotatable body parts, reasoning that a utopia was where someone could be whoever they wanted to be (thus the ability to choose different sides of the doll). I also had a piece on the side which was pretty much just for fun. This was a clay sculpture as well, and an almost perfect cube. I don't know how long I spent smoothing and polishing the sides of that thing. Everybody was really impressed with how cubular I managed to make a piece of rough brown clay.

My cubey-cube.

I completed a week of work experience at a graphic design agency in Townsville city a few weeks back. It was for assessment for a subject, but it was still a lot of fun. The team at TBD Communication and Design Townsville was very helpful and enthusiastic. I was able to work on a lot of my own projects, which included improving my portfolio majorly, designing a logo for my own personal use and then actually doing some work for a client of theirs. I got to dress up in all the business clothes my Mum insisted on buying when she heard I had to do some work experience and I had to get up really early and catch the bus into the city. Even so, it was lots of fun. Except for the last day. I woke up with a full blown flu. It brought a friend too - a massive headache. I remember feeling like I was going to faint on the bus trip home.

Feeling: a whole lot better now.

Listening to: Nothing. Though I have Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas stuck in my head.

Eating: Had a tonne of McDonald's after anime club tonight.

Wearing: PJs.

Word of the day: Three actually. MUSHNUT SQUAPPLE RISOTTO. Something I read on another blog post tonight lol.

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  1. Yes. We have noticed that you are lacking in writing. I am very disappointed *wags finger* This is unacceptable!

    And I love the cube! Hahah, I am actually trying to figure out what type of block it would be in Minecraft... Hieroglyphic Sandstone? Nerd....

    Hope you get better and enjoy the job!


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