Saturday, August 25, 2012

Light or Set Fire; Arouse or Inspire

I finally did it. I went and got myself a Kindle. It's a Kindle 3, keyboard and wi-fi only version. I found it listed on a classifieds group on Facebook. It came with a case and all of the books the previous owner had loaded onto it. I had fun staying up late last night customizing the screensaver images and reading the original Grimm's fairy tales. Very happy with my purchase.

I read the latest in Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series. The Last Guardian is the finale and is very, very good. The entire series is extremely good for that matter, bar one. The second last book I found to be funny in parts, but had a dissatisfying ending and felt a bit like it had been written simply to fill a gap or pass time. Don't let that discourage you though, I highly recommend the series. The stories are about a teenage criminal mastermind and a city of magical beings who live hidden just beneath the Earth's crust. Here's the Amazon blurb for the first book.
At the moment I am taking a weeny break from reading the second book in a series by Ally Condie. Another young adult fiction, Crossed is the second in her Matched series, with the third being released in late November. Crossed is about the society that has risen up in place of this one after it has broken down. Everything is perfect, or so it seems. Everyone gets the same food, everyone is safe and secure and everyone is 'matched' with their life partner. Cassia lives in this world, but when she begins to see the cracks and falls for a  boy who is not her 'match', she finds out just how rotten this idyllic bubble is.

My interview on Thursday went very well. I met Dr. Matthew and he, I and another applicant for the job discussed how we would go about making two brochures. He is very into whales. There are dozens and dozens of pictures on the walls of his little office.

As of late, I have been watching the last episodes of one of my favourite TV shows. House MD was one I scoffed at in the beginning. I thought it was silly to name a television show 'house' and mocked it, saying they'd name the next one 'window'. But, I was hooked. Dr. Gregory House, the show's twisted, genius main character is such a fantastic character. Season eight finished this year, I think. I've been waiting a while to see the last few episodes because I've been rewatching them all with my boyfriend who hasn't seen them. The ending has some of the most heart wrenching twists I've ever seen in a show. If you're looking for something good to watch, definitely go and watch House.

Listening to: Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonny Tyler

Eating: Musk sticks

Wearing: Shirt decorated with butterflies and short shorts. For the first time in several months I am actually wearing shorts!

Feeling: Like I desperately need to get back to reading. Ciao all!

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  1. Artemis Fowl... The best book you can read at a young age. It inspired me to be an evil mastermind.


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