Friday, October 19, 2012

Death by Block

As y'all might have remembered (read this post and this one if you don't remember, for details on my costume and how it went) I recently attended an awesome Cosplay event here in Townsville. I now present to you, the epicness that is SoMAG Style!


I am the one dressed in black with a block for a head, attacking the other person with a block for a head, with a block. Yay Minecraft!

Shockingly, I have been doing a lot of writing on Soulless. It has quite surprised me, especially since I'm supposed to be working on some very important assignments... But, be that as it may, I was able to bash out a respectable 2000 words on the beast yesterday. While waiting for the next episode of Dragons: Riders of Berk, the new television show based on Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon. I love Toothless! *squee*
I'm not sure if I should post more of the story on this blog. There is the matter of people stealing it. And I don't want to be giving it all away. What do you think, dear reader? Would you like more tidbits from Soulless?

Feeling: Guilty. All of the assignments!

Eating: I'll probably chow on some candy in the not to distant future. Lunch was preposterous.

Wearing: Shorts and green tee with a panther printed on it.

Listening to: Gungnam Style is stuck in my head. And now yours!

I have also just surpassed 600 views! Thank you my little reader minions! You give me great ego boosts with every milestone! *throws cookies at audience*

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  1. Well done! I am so glad that you wrote on Soulless again. It is actually a very cool story, and I hope to be the first one to buy the novel!

    I think you shouldn't post more of Soulless. I myself am a very paranoid person, and I don't post anything I might publish one day (The Silence is different; that sucker has to go through heavy editing if I want to publish it one day). Maybe if you post a paragraph or two every few weeks? But I think safety is the best policy.

    600 views!!!!! YAY!!!!!


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