Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So. As a writer, reading this writer-ly blog, you have probably heard of NaNoWriMo, or, for those who are less in the writerer-ly group; the National Novel Writing Month. The aim of the game is to write a 50,000-word (or longer) novel, between November 1 and November 30. One month to do as much furious keyboard pounding and coffee drinking as possible. NaNoWriMo aims to encourage more people to write by setting this goal. You can go to their website and sign up and update your little word counter on your profile. 
Lots of people participate in the event annually, but I don't think I will. For one, I don't like the idea of having such a deadline imposed on me. Sure I'd be thrilled to write 50,000 words in a month, but I don't think I'd feel too good by the end of it. I like my stories to ruminate, to mellow in my head. Wine is better with age and I think my stories grow stronger if they ferment. Also, how much of this competition is showing off how fast you can do it? I bet there are several hundred people always keeping an eye on the fastest counter and trying to beat it. And the work they produce doing it? Well, it's going to be absolute tosh, isn't it? Quality over quantity I say. 
Look at me sounding all posh and righteous. 'Tis only my humble opinion good sirs and fine ladies. Go and participate if you think you'd like that kind of challenge or whether you think it'd be instrumental in helping your writer-ly butt get moving. Also, one of the rules is you have to start from scratch on November first. I've already done 7,000 words on Soulless, so it kind of excludes me anyways. Oh woe is me!

Eating: Nothing. Otherwise it would taste weird. I just brushed my teefs.

Wearing: PJs.

Listening to: Game of Thrones theme song. Delicious!

Feeling: Slightly better. I have been working on my assignments.


  1. You should go for it, but not on Soulless! It may be a good break to pound something out in a different manner than usual, which in turn could be inspiration for Soulless.

  2. :O I didn't get the honour of the first comment...

    Anywho, I totally would not go for that comp. Seriously? They are trying to make me write 50,000 words in a month? You said it pretty well, Raechel. Quality over quantity.

    I just realized you wear pj's way too much...

    1. Well, I usually write my blog at night after I've had a shower, so it's only logical lol. Of course there are those days where I don't bother getting changed and just sit around in them all day. But that rarely happens. When I say rarely, I mean not that often. Well maybe a little more often... Don't judge me! They're comfy!


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