Friday, October 12, 2012

Imogen's Daydreams

Im-Jay herself

I have an alter ego. Her name is Imogen and she is the personification of my unconscious mind. I'm not crazy. I don't actually have multiple personalities. But she is convenient. I jokingly blame her for all of the weird stuff that I do. For example, she gives me extremely weird cravings and then even weirder, but sometimes awesome dreams. This is what she made up last night.

Okay. It was as if I was watching a movie. There was a very rich family of Asian decent. They were all highly trained fighters. One day their mansion/house thing was attacked by a horde of barbarians/zombies (I never quite got a good look at them). For some reason, the father orders that no one is to venture outside the walls of the mansion to fight off these beasts.
The daughter however, wants to impress her father, so finding a chink in the estate's defences, goes outside and after a few weeks, manages to defeat the horde. She tells her father, expecting to be praised, but he is furious.
He can't believe she would put herself and her family at risk by not telling him of this weakness in the defences. Plus he was about to arrange a truce with them that would have left him very well off. (I added that bit in after I woke up - it made more sense.)
So, he banishes his daughter to be a bell ringer in the bell tower. She can't believe she has been treated like this, so begins to rebel, throwing off all of the rules and traditions that the family had forced upon her.
The family fights back, but she has grown so strong from fighting the horde that she manages to knock her father out. He mother steps up. Secretly, she is a better fighter than her husband. The pair duke it out, realising that they are evenly matched.
So the mother decides to play dirty. She grabs her son and uses him as a shield. The daughter is unwilling to hurt her little brother, so the mother is able to take her out.
The parents (once the father wakes up) drag the girl to the ocean and dump her in the water. They tell her to swim for the nearby island, for she has been banished from the family. At this point I realised she looked a lot like my cousin Nicole.

Do you get weird dreams? If so, what's the weirdest?

Eating: Had braised steak for lunch.
Listening to: Actually watching an episode of Grimm. It's not bad.
Wearing: Bright red shorts and grey singlet.
Feeling: Nonchalant.

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  1. I get VERY weird dreams. Once I fought off waves of monsters, only to see my family become them. Then I killed them with tears in my eyes. And then I had a feast.

    That was one of many. AND NOT EVEN THE WEIRDEST....


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