Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beginnings and Ends

Hrm. Well, I haven't written anything on this blog for a little while, but let me assure you I've been going at it quite well with Soulless. Up until last Saturday that is. 
On Saturday, I got up in the wee hours of the morning, bundled myself and my family into two cars and made the five-hour trip down to where I'll be staying for the year. I got my old room on campus and I am now commencing the final year of my bachelor. My brother however, is only just starting his university experience. He's doing a bachelor of engineering and is staying in the building next to mine. We get a sibling discount this way.
It's been quite amusing to watch him running around in his 'fresher' (sorta short for freshman) bib, getting all sorts of drunk and disorderly. I, having not attended the lewd activities of my orientation week, due to being underage, decided to have a go at them this year. I went to a wicked toga-themed party at the university's club, snagged all sorts of free food and drink at a different party, rode a mechanical bull, played in a gladiator ring with giant foam boppy-hammers, attended a market day, got heat exhaustion from promoting the club I am associated with, SoMAG, at said market, went to the amazing saltwater aquarium here in Townsville, attended an art exhibition that had decided, much to my delight and surprise, to include a piece of animation I did for an assignment last year, and then, after all that, I found I had a sprained hip from the blasted mechanical bull. So, overall, not a bad week so far.

Some random freshers in rather good improvised togas.

I am feeling so good about Soulless, apart from the fact I couldn't quite concentrate on any writing today. I may just need to settle in a little more. The current brain-matter-to-keyboard count is way up at 79,000 words. This book, excluding any future edits, is going to be just a little more than the 80,000 words I first predicted. Which is a good thing, I think. 80K is only an average novel after all. I am guessing now, that this will probably turn out to be up around the 90,000 word mark. I am totally psyched; it's nearly finished. But then again, a little apprehensive. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's finished. Of course there are the obvious answers - editing, publishing, etc. But that doesn't really stop it feeling like I've finished my adventure with these characters, characters that are really all too new to me still.

Feeling: It is ridiculously hot here in Townsville. Seriously. Someone is putting humidity in the air on purpose. For what fiendish reason, I have no clue.
Eating: About to head to dinner.
Wearing: High-school senior shirt and yellow pants.
Listening to: Never Been Kissed Before by Nikki Webster. Shush. Nikki's music just feels lovely and innocent to me.

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  1. You crazy Australians.... ;)

    Sounds like a sick week! Not too bad at all! Great to hear that you are enjoying yourself!

    :) What do you do after your book, you ask? YOU WRITE A SEQUEL! OR A PREQUEL! Now that you have those characters, go into more depth with them! You have only just started learning about them....


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