Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skulls and Sparkles

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and assorted flying sock monsters.
I got in my three thousand word quota yesterday, bumping up the total on Soulless to 52,000. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I will manage to put in the same again today. I feel quite delirious at the moment. I was up will midnight last night making sure I hit my quota, and even then when I went to bed, I could not sleep. My brain had suddenly become a lightning rod for ideas. I'm not complaining in that respect - I got some epic new bits for the ending of Soulless - I just wish they hadn't come at a time when I really needed to sleep. 
So, today I think I will just take a break. I might go and finish reading Twilight again. I started it after sitting and being rather bored while I waited for my - ahem - underdoos to dry. I had just been for a swim in my cousin's creek and hadn't brought my swimming clothes. On that note, what are your opinions on said vampirical, cheesy, romance novels? I actually happened to pick them up and read them before the movies and all the hype and love/hatred of them was around. I found them to be reasonably okay. Not brilliant stuff, but enjoyable when I got into the story.

While you ponder this question, here is some new fan art I have done for a rather more classy, witty and downright fantastic series by the name of Skulduggery Pleasant. The subject of these works is the wise-cracking, fire-throwing, magical skeleton detective, Skulduggery Pleasant himself. See the larger versions here and here.

Feeling: Deedly deedly dee... blargh. *Slow, lightheaded blink*
Wearing: Pretty black shirt and shorts.
Eating: I had some Red Rooster takeaway for dinner.
Listening to: Nothing, but I can hear Sparks by Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero playing over and over in my head.

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  1. Great Scott! What an enormous amount of words! :O You impress me...

    The fan art looks stunning, Raechel :D I am gonna save it.

    Hmmm... Well, I am a male, so obviously I am prejudiced against Twilight. Who wouldn't hate weird-haired, pale old-guys getting girls to fall in love with them? And I am not even going to mention Jake...

    But, hatred aside, Twilight isn't that bad.

    (Let that sentence be struck from the records)


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