Thursday, February 7, 2013

My New Old Spirit 600

Oh. You again. *Narrows eyes*
I only managed 1,500 words today on Soulless, due to a terrible, splitting headache. I don't think I drank enough water. That added to yesterday's meagre amount - of which I do not remember - makes for a total today of nearly 56,000.

The only other thing I've been doing lately besides writing, is shopping. I had a bit of a shopping spree yesterday. My favourite places to shop actually happen to be second hand shops. Judge if you wish, but you can find some of the most fantastic things in opportunity shops. I have tons of big brand name clothes that look like they have never been worn, the most gorgeous shoes and - weirdly - several pairs of beautiful elbow length opera gloves and a white fake fur stole. All for a fraction of the price one would normally pay. Yesterday's finds were quite impressive. I think I got five gorgeous summery dresses, and a vintage Polaroid camera. I looked this model up online to find that it sells for around $100.00. I picked this one up for $4.50. I was thrilled to have finally found one. I know they seem a bit old, clunky and outdated, but I really seem to have a thing for retro of late. You can still buy film cartridges for the Polaroids, but prepare to pay for them. For a packet of 10 Polaroid films, prices average on $30. Because of this, I may never use the camera - but I love it anyway.

This also happened earlier today. I have been wanting to put a label on my folder of notes for Soulless for a while.. This is what I came up with. It may look simple, but it took quite a few layers and tweaks in Photoshop to get it looking old and rugged. After I cut it out, I roughed it up even more, damaging the edges with my fingernails. I'm quite proud at how it turned out.

Feeling: Ugh. Don't ask again.
Listening to: Nothing.
Eating: Had some delicious fried rice for tea.
Wearing: Grey, leopard spot shirt and comfy pants. I think I may be wearing these pants to death - they're starting to get holes in them.

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  1. Me? *looks around*

    I love old things! :D The best is finding something rare, yet cheap... Wish there were more second-hand shops around here....

    Soulless seems to being going great! So proud of you...



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