Saturday, February 9, 2013

Take Me to Your Reader

Greetings earthlings! I require more of this spongy goodness called 'caek' lest I kidnap all the kittens on your paltry planet.

Today I changed a tire and rolled out some hay. It made me terribly annoyed for several reasons. 
Reason one: I didn't even change the tire. Dad just made me take it off an put it back on again to make sure I could do it. And it was my brother's car, so I didn't see why I had to learn to do it there.
Reason two: Rolling hay made me totally itchy and muddy. I had to have a super early shower.
Reason three: Both of things kept me away from a really good writing mood!

Fortunately, I was able to get away quickly enough to avoid a total grump-out and thus writing constipation. For this I am glad. And as such, I managed my three-thousand word quota for today, dragging the total for Soulless kicking and screaming to 61,500 words. Be excited, aberrant earthlings.

And now a picture! Oh... Uh... I usually have a picture for you all... Just hang on a sec and let me go find one...

*Muffled laughter*

Eating: Not much. It's nearly midnight. Although I am remembering a delicious pink flavoured thickshake I had for smoko today.
Feeling: Happy and accomplished. Excited too. The end of Soulless is pretty much in sight. Then I'll be able to go about querying agents! *Nervous gulp*
Listening to: Alice's Theme from the soundtrack of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
Wearing: New jamies! They have leopard print on them.


  1. Kicking and screaming? :/ Mine fights back...

    Sounds like an epic day! Besides the tire part... Why are tires so obnoxious??????

    What is a smoko? :O

    YAYAYAYAYAY! Publication is in sight! :D I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, well, a smoko break is the snack time between breakfast and lunch in Australia. There is also afternoon smoko, the snack time between lunch and dinner. I guess it was named by labourers when they went out to take a 'smoke break' and then in true Australian tradition, they added an 'o' to the end of the word, like in 'kero' (kerosene), 'arvo' (afternoon), 'aggro' (aggressive), 'demo' (demonstration), etc.
      And yeah, I'm totally stoked about publication too :D


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