Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Day, Chaps

Well, my voracious and virile viewers, you have helped me to recently surpass four-hundred views. For this you will receive a tiny round of applause (it is only me clapping after all) and a cookie. Shipping costs extra. :P

Well, today has been quite a lot more successful than the last couple. Something has been getting me down, but it seems to have taken a vacation - for now anyway.
I was actually able to stay awake in class today, which was a bit of a first. The clay sculptures I handed in last Wednesday have dried and turned out nicely. I had a lot of fun trying to mould a perfect cube out of a lump of clay. I am quite happy with how smooth and even the sides are and how sharp the edges got. Everybody else seems really impressed with it too.
On my way home, the vending machines provided me with $1.40, bumping my total this semester to $12.20.
When I got home, I watched some YouTube videos. There is a bunch of guys from the UK who call themselves Hatventures. Chris Trott, or Trottimus, Ross Hornby or DJH3MAX and Alex Smith or Alsmiffy are the three misfits who make up the team. They started out making videos about themselves playing Minecraft, which became a very popular series, and have since then moved onto playthroughs of other games. Currently I'm watching their DayZ series. DayZ is a modified version of the game Arma II. It's a realistic, multilayer online, zombie survival game. What they get up to is pretty funny, but the conversations the guys have are the best bits. Have a look at their channel here: HatFilms.

A Portrait of the "Hatters"

In other news, I have to contact international artists for an assignment. The first one I managed to contact was yesterday, and he, believe it or not, has actually worked on the set of Hellboy and Doctor Who! I was so excited! He sent me this long, delicious email of all the stuff I need for my write up. *Squee!*

I also contacted a fella who wanted some graphic design work done by a uni student. He's a doctor studying minke whales and he  seems to want some brochures for something. So, I've got a meeting with him tomorrow. Looking forward to that. :)

A very good day chaps.

Feeling: Talkative. Or write-ative. Is there an adjective that means you want to type a lot at things?

Wearing: Jeans and an old black shirt with 'Stussy' written on it in highly stylised letters. Just Googled the name. Seems to be a Californian surfing brand originating from the 1980s. It's botique. Cool. I always just though it was a scruffy old shirt lol.

Listening to: The Hatventures theme repeating over and over in my head.

Eating: It's four o'clock and I'm still as full as a goog. Had these delicious fried chicken crispy bite things for lunch. It was quite a large helping - and then I went back for seconds.

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