Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Wolf and the Butterfly

Which, funnily, is the name of the second chapter of the newest book in a series I love. A shout out here to the marvelous Mr. Derek Landy and his awesome series Skulduggery Pleasant.

Yesterday was pretty average in terms of days at uni - apart from one thing. It started out normally. I really didn't want to get up. It was much too cold. "19 degrees is cold?" I hear you scoff. Yes. Yes it is. For a North Queensland girl anyway. I wanna see you deal with temperatures averaging on 40 degrees in summer. 
Eventually I got up, proceeded to rug up, have brekky, attend classes, fall asleep in classes, etc. Upon walking home from said classes, something beautiful and surprising happened. Across the small car park in front of the college neighboring mine, there fluttered an enormous butterfly. To my utter astonishment it flew towards me and alighted on my shoulder. I think she had mistaken me for some large, exotic flower due to the hat I was wearing at the time. For my birthday, my friend had given me this gorgeous, red, fluffy wolf hat. The ear flaps extend down into mittens with paw prints on the inside, and there are two fluffy ears on top. The red fur in the sunlight must have seemed irresistible to my new friend as she took off, then came to land on my other shoulder. (Ew! I just found tinned spaghetti sauce in the hair above my right ear! I have no idea how it got there... Ew... It's actually above both ears...Weird...) So, eventually the beautiful creature realised I was not edible and flew away, leaving me with a glowing feeling for the rest of the day. It was just so lovely to have such an encounter like that.

File:Troides euphorion - female - Cairns Birdwing.-14.JPG
She was a Cairns Birdwing - The largest butterfly species in Australia.


Feeling: Really good. I seemed to have avoided the flu going around here.

Listening to: To The Sky - Owl City. It's one of the songs from the movie Legend of the Guardians, a truly beautiful movie. Go watch it if you haven't, purely for the beautiful animation.

Eating: About to go have lunch in the dining hall. This will either be sandwiches of some hot food and chips. Here's hoping for the latter. I get sick of sandwiches sometimes.

Wearing: Dad's Custom Car Club tee, jeans, red connies and wolf ears.

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  1. Haha, seems that you had a "Pleasant" moment. ;)

    Bad joke? Most of mine seem like "Skulduggery"..

    But other than me being a moron, what happened to you was pretty awesome. It's not EVERY day that you where a Red Wolf on your head and manage to attract nature...


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