Monday, August 20, 2012

The Door into Summer

Have you ever felt so ill and tired that you slept on the floor outside your lecture theatre? Bonus points if you used your bag as a pillow and squished the sandwich inside.

That was the start of my relatively uneventful and overcast day. Lectures were pretty much the same. I'm very sure that my photography lecturer simply utilised a presentation from a subject I did last year.
After lectures, I headed home. Found 30c in vending machines along the way. Decided that I wanted to watch some Disney movies. Watched an old classic, Aladdin, and for the first time heard the genie for who he really was. I only found out just recently that he was voiced by none other than comedy king and actor, Robin Williams. I've heard some say that they didn't bother giving him a script, they just let him take it away. They did have to get him to tone it down on multiple occasions though; it was a children's movie after all.
Then I decided to watch the original Tron. Having already seen the new Tron Legacy, I thought it only right that I see where the whole thing started. I was quite surprised too. The movie was quite fun for a sci-fi and even though the effects were outdated, I seemed to forget the fact after a while.

Last night I decided to be daring and buy something off Ebay. Usually I don't go shopping, online or in real life, apart from food and other necessities. But I was feeling down, and it was cheap and there was no shipping fee. The product purchased, my pertinent peeps, was a book by Robert A. Heinlein. The Door into Summer was published in 1957 and it is a rather brilliant little science fiction novel. There is time travel, robots and a rather memorable cat. My father once borrowed it from a far off library and we mused over the predictions the author had given of the future upon its publication. Some of these predictions were actually quite accurate.

Feeling: I've got a headache. It's not very nice...

Wearing: Red connies, Top Gear Stig shirt, jeans and jumper.

Listening to: Hang on, let me find a song... Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance

Eating: Had some Milky Bar chocolate. Yummy...

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