Friday, August 17, 2012

You Can Call me V...

Today feels... Different. Exciting. Full of possibility. It feels like Christmas day. Or like I have a big event on tonight; a Cosplay or something. It just feels big and important. I woke up with the feeling and it's really quite wonderful. I get the sense that something is going to happen today. It probably won't but it's a nice feeling to have anyway. It gets me motivated. Does anybody else get these kinds of feelings?

Now, I can rant about a pet peeve, discuss an awesome game or review the movies I watched yesterday. I really need a dice or something. Or I could just choose the topic out of a hat. I'll do that.
And movies it is!

First off, I watched the new Star Trek movie. Even though I have no real knowledge of the Star Trek universe, apart from 'red shirts die first' and 'live long and prosper', I thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie does not follow the original storyline from the TV series and past movies. It's an alternate timeline about how Jim Kirk become captain of the Starship Enterprise and how he and Spock become friends, so it works well if you haven't been into Star Trek before. You don't really need any prior knowledge. Also, Simon Pegg is in it. I frickin' love Simon Pegg.
The special effects were wonderful, the acting was good and the opening scene made me cry. I love it when movies make me cry. It means they're doing something right.

Then, because I hadn't seen it yet and I felt rather guilty about it, I decided I'd watch V for Vendetta. I was not disappointed. It's a fantastic movie. The infamous vigilante who calls himself V, dons a black cape and Guy Fawkes mask is out to put and end to a corrupt and disgusting, futuristic English government. There are a couple of good plot twists along the way, skewing your views on this masked hero, and then the movie concludes with a sad, yet uplifting ending. My favourite parts were the use of Tchaicovky's 1812 Overture, and V's voice. You will not get over that smooth, absolutely eloquent voice.

The third movie I watched was called Into the Wild. A biographical drama about a young college graduate trying to break free of the chains of society and find himself. Alexander Supertramp, as he renames himself, hitchhikes, drives, kayaks and walks through the US and Mexico, always aiming for Alaska. Along the way he meets people who inspire him and change his life, and in turn he changes theirs.
I found this movie to be good. It was extremely highly rated, which was why I decided to try it out. The ending was sad though. Stupid sad, in my opinion. I can tolerate it if it's a bittersweet ending, some bad things happen, but there's a pretty happy ending, but I cannot bear watching movies where the ending doesn't really seem to have a silver lining. It feels like I've wasted two hours of my life and a cup of tears.

Lastly, I found a French film called The Intouchables. This one was also highly rated thus prompting me to give it a shot. It's about a quadriplegic aristocrat who hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. There's humour and drama as each of the pair teaches the other to step (figuratively for Phillipe, as he is confined to his wheelchair) outside his comfort zone. A simply beautiful movie.

Feeling: Excited.

Wearing: Grey singlet and old, blue, scungy pants.

Eating: Just had a lunch of BBQ chicken wings. Yesterday's lunch was way better. Had the most delicious burger there ever was made.

Listening to: Nothing at the moment although I will probably put Bangarang by Skrillex on later. Normally I wouldn't like dubstep, I think, but this one I do. I think it's because my brain has associated it with fun. It's what they were playing on most of the show rides at the Rodeo in July.

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  1. Into the Wild is an amazing story. I absolutely HATE it when movies end like that. But I had to make an exception to this one after a lot of thinking. After all, it is a true story...


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