Sunday, August 19, 2012

OCD Doggy Thoughts

Nothing interesting happened today. I'm serious. Nothing. I was so unproductive it's not funny. I woke up at midday, watched two movies and then lay lethargically on my bed, half awake, half asleep. The same thoughts keep running through my head like some OCD dog running around its house for hours on end. "I must do my assignment. But I don't want to." I've considered all my other options too. I have opened a new browser tab I don't know how many times, only to close it again. I feel useless. I've read and seen all sorts of motivating speeches where they say all you have to do is make yourself get up and do something. I want to, I really do, but I just can't... I don't know if this is an actual problem for me, or whether I'm just being silly.

It was overcast today. That was a small change.
I've found that when I lie in bed I can hear this really annoying thumping noise. It's very. very faint, but when everything else is silent, I can't help but focus on it.

Writing is also eluding me, for one reason or another. I'm either too busy with assignment work, or too lazy/lethargic to work on anything. At least I've done this post. Maybe that will spark some enthusiasm.

What a truly dull blog entry. I apologise most sincerely.

Wearing: Jeans, U2 tee, jumper and a new, sparkly purple nail polish. So sparkly...

Feeling: Guilty and sleepy.

Listening to: Naught.

Eating: Just had some chicken and a mouthful of bland rice. It was leftovers night in the dining hall. I might supplement my evening with some Mi Goreng noodles later.

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  1. Laazzzyyy! Laziness at its finest. I have those days too. Frequently.


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