Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Evil That is Vending Machines

As a general rule, I quite like vending machines. Not in the way you think though. They are full of outrageously priced, horribly sugary snacks that are all too tempting for the hungered university student. The only good thing about the is that they, upon occasion, provide me with actual cans of delicious Vanilla Coke - my worst vice - and people often tend to leave their money in the change return slots. This has led to a new habit forming for me. Along my route to classes I can check the slots of pretty much every vending machine on campus. So far I have managed to rack up about $20.00 worth of silver. Yesterday I would have collected another $1.80, if not for that one evil vending machine...
It started with the usual checking of a set of four machines in a corridor halfway along my route home. The last vending machine had three packets of chips that had fallen down inside it. I mistakenly took it for one of the machines that would only open the retrieval compartment door if you purchased something. So I convinced my friend to go halves in a $2.00 packet of chips so we could retrieve all four. Much to our dismay when we selected the snack and it fell to the bottom of the machine, the retrieval door still did not open. It was actually a simple push open to retrieve door that had gotten stuck. I guessed as we walked away, bitter and slightly embarrassed, that the two people before us had tried the same trick only to find out what we knew. So, we put a great big sign on the stupid thing warning others that the greedy machine was in fact broken. So, no you have been warned. Vending machines are fickle beasties.
And so went my first-world-problem saga for the week.

On another note, I have recently finished a large Kim Possible binge. I used to watch the show as a kid and even now as a near-adult, it's completely epic. I can't help but giggle at the corny villains, be constantly entertained by the beautifully animated fight scenes, and go all gooey and fan-girly over Ron and Kim's sweet little romance. I remember waking up one morning, turning on Saturday Disney and spitting my cereal out in shock after watching the season four intro in which you can see a split second of Ron and KP kissing. Oh they are just so cute together! End fan-girl squee. Continue warm, fuzzy feelings.

Pet peeve #192. White text on a black screen. It leaves the weirdest, most eye watering afterimages etched into my retinas. White on black needs to be banned. Banned, y' hear!? *Shakes fist at sky*

Feeling: Warmer than usual. Just had a nice steamy shower.

Wearing: Pjs o' course.

Eating: Nothing at the moment. Had curried sausages, rice and wedgies for dinner. No, not the underpants type of wedgies. It's what I call wedges. I just cant help but get excited about them, they are one of the most delicious things ever.

Listening to: Tainted Love - Soft Cell. The only reason I know this song is because of the second episode of the new Doctor Who. How much of a fan-girl am I? Yeah. That much. Be afraid.

And now a random picture.

Yes. Banana.

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  1. Your day certainly was more entertaining than mine. I went on a gaming spree with Double Agent and Oblivion. Good times.....


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