Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 9

Challenge Number 9: Describe the best day of my life to date.

Erm. Well, this is definitely a hard one. I have has a lot of really good experiences in my life, but there are none at the moment that really stand out to me. There were some really cool moments that spark in my memories, but as for entire days, I can't think of any.
Two of my brightest memories were times I was asked out. I can remember glowing and bouncing and not being able to sit still afterwards.
Another moment was when I got my acceptance letter to university.
The feeling I got when I finally finished my first manuscript was undeniably cloud-nine-y. And then when I found out I was the runner up for the Somerset Novella competition, and my very first cosplay.
I suppose I am yet to have my 'best day', but I have really loved all the days I've had so far.

In other news:
Today has been eventful! Yay! I went shopping with Mum and found some cheap cotton gloves and black dye to add to my next cosplay - I'm going as an Enderman, one of the creepy monsters from the game Minecraft.

Trust me - In game he's creepier than he looks.

I have designed a more real looking version of the creature and I am slowly making and accumulating the bits and pieces for the costume. I found a cardboard box for the head, altered the shape slightly and began dabbing on some modelling paste for some three-dimensional effect to the face. It is currently drying and has been banished outside - it smells funky. I'm also going to have to get Dad to help me with a set up that will allow me to have glowing purple eyes. Hopefully this cosplay will turn out well.

Feeling: Like there was a huge rock inside my skull pressing on my eye and brain. Panadol has banished it for the moment.

Wearing: Pink, heart-patterned pyjamas. I am so stylish - not.

Listening to: Do You Believe in Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful (I had to have it after I watched Meet the Pyro)

Eating: Nothing. Too full of Hawaiian pizza and ice cream.

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