Monday, July 2, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 1

The blogging world is a wonderful thing. You can get to know people through little the snippets of they relese into the world. Their blogs are linked to others, which are linked to others and so on and so forth. It still amazes me how there's this whole interconnected web of people who can communicate through blogs. I for one, follow a few blogs and in a recent post by Paul Hagan I discovered something that he was put onto by another blogger. It's a 15 Day Challenge with simple tasks meant to help with consistent blogging, but I think it's also a fun idea to tell more about me in this blog. So, here it goes:

15 Day Challenge No# 1 ~ 15 Fun Facts About Me

1. When I get to know people I like to tell them a story about how I was stabbed in the abdomen. I start by showing them the massive red scar on my belly and grin mischeviously. Upon demands for further details, I say simply, "I was stabbed." They usually press for more details, and when they do, I finally admit that it was with a knife, by a doctor, to remove my appendix. I can't usually fool med students though. They recongise the appendicitis scar pretty much immediately.

2.  I like collecting things. At the moment, I have a rather large collection of rocks and gems, an assortment of feathers and coins and I have recently begun collecting small, old glass bottles. I love these little bottles. I think they're so beautiful. The little ink wells with embossed brands, the ridged poison bottles with 'Not to Be Taken' written on the side, and all the tiny, oddly shaped ones. I love to imagine what they were once used for.

3. When I write on paper I do something rather odd occasionally. I'll have a really good idea and need to get it down immediately, and in my haste, I forget to write the first letter of every other word. It's quite strange to go back over what I've written and see the missing letters. I can really swear that I do write them down.

4. I wear zippers as earrings and there's nothing you can do about it.

5. I do not feel the need to wear make up. Sometimes it's fun to add a little colour, but usually I find putting on makeup to be a hassle and rather pointless as an everyday kind of thing. The only thing I carry around is a tube of deliciously flavoured lip balm for my lips chap rather easily. 

7. When I was younger I was required to wear hearing aids. It's a genetic trait in my family. My father is very deaf, as is my auntie - his sister, and their mother, my nana. When they realised I had a slight deficit, Australian Hearing sprung into action and got me fitted out with two hearing aids and I attended a few sessions of education on hearing loss and was even invited to attend the Special Children's Christmas Parties, celebrations held for all the disabled children in my area. I look back on those parties and realise I was probably the least disabled kid there lol. Anyway, the early treatment of my hearing loss seems to have helped. I no longer have to wear hearing aids, but still do have a small deficit in my hearing ability. I cannot hear the highest and lowest of frequencies and often have trouble hearing people when they are turned away or speak very softly.

8. I have a thing for colour. When I was younger and my mother bought me clothes, I would always end up wearing black. One day, I decided that I wanted colour. Lots of colour. Every colour. So, I now own such items as a fluorescent orange mini dress, orange, red and yellow shorts, a fire engine red trench coat and I have a plethora of multicoloured underwear. I still wear black, but as accents now.

Humanoid Traffic Cone from the Future :P
 This is me being ridiculously colourful for a friend's fashion shoot.
Also seen here is one orange zipper earring lol

9. I am a considerable artist in some styles. I can do fair realism in painting drawing and digital art. I am extremely envious of people who can draw in cartoon or manga/anime styles though. I know I should be grateful for my skills, but I really can't help but admire and envy how others work.

10. I have a fishing hat that is also a checklist. On the brim I have drawn several types of fish that I wish to catch and small checkboxes beside each. So far I have only managed to check off two: Barramundi and Coral Trout. I am yet to get a huge Spanish Mackerel, and a Flathead. I may add more fish to this wishlist at a later date lol.

11. I keep a dream diary as well as a normal diary. My normal diary I find to be something very important. I like to look back and remember all the small details about my life and things I've done that I would have forgotten if I hadn't written them down. In my dream diary I jot down the incredibly bizzarre dreams that I have. I use them as ideas in stories generally.

12. I still have most of the stuffed toys from my childhood. They all have names and sometimes I take them out and they sleep in my bed with me. Two of my oldest toys are both dogs and puppets. Mr Wuzzles is brown and you can put your hand into the back of his head and move his mouth. The other, I re-named after my real dog, Aspro, who were both as white as the Aspro Clear tablet. He is almost like a ventriloquist's doll with a hand cavity up the back and in the mouth. He has extra long arms that can be velcroed around one's neck. I don't think I would ever part with any of these toys.

13. I can not, I repeat, can not do routine. I serverely suck at any sort of exercise regime, medication regime or routine of any kind besides breakfast lunch and dinner. 

14. I am so bad with names and faces it's not funny. If a person changes their hairstyle, colour, or get rid of/grow a beard I will not recognise them. And I have that horrible affliction of upon learning someone else's name, I promptly forget it.

15. Once, and more recently than you think, I tried to fly. I was on the trampoline, bouncing up and down, pondering what it would be like to fly. I decided that if I believed hard enough, I could do it. So I stopped bouncing, stood on the edge of the trampoline, spread my arms, looked to the sky and wishing as hard as I could, I leapt off. For the tiniest second, I thought I had done it. The I landed rather hard on the grass. It was dissapointing and embarrassing. I really do wish I could fly...

Well, that took longer than I expected. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these little tidbits about me in response tothe first in my 15 day challenge.

Eating: Mum ate all my bikkies... *scowl*

Listening to: Nothing, but I have the Once Upon a Time theme song stuck in my head.

Wearing: Track pants and a grey shirt patterned with black leopard spots.

Feeling: Like doggy doo. I did manage to catch the horrible flu my brother was carting around.


  1. Love that you're joining us! Thanks for being awesome! Make sure to link up your posts so more people can stop by and say hi!

    How do you know Paul? He's one of the most hilarious people I know! Any friend of his is a friend of mine!

    Also, how is it possible to wear zippers as earrings?!

    1. Oh, I don't really know Paul lol. I was just surfing about on the interwebs and though his blog would be interesting to follow. He is indeed quite funny.

      And the zippers? I bought them. They're stud earrings in six different colours. I love them to bits ^_^


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