Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 4

Challenge number four is to write about a favourite childhood memory. 
Now, I have quite a lot of good childhood memories but I've never really chosen a favourite one. I could write about going to the awesome theme parks on the Gold Coast but they're not really that unique. I can remember a lot about primary school. I had a lot of fantastic teachers and I practically used to live in the library because I liked it so much, but that's not very unique either. I think one of my favourite memories from childhood would have to be fishing for barramundi with my family.
We try to make an annual trip to Lakefield, an estuary river in central Queensland Australia. Sometimes the weather is just terrible or there aren't many fish around. This memory is the earliest trip I can remember going on. Fishing at Lakefield is usually wonderful. There are plenty of large barramundi just waiting to be caught. Our usual method is to catch yabbies (overly large shrimp) and attach them live to three pronged hooks, with a float. The bait will wander around on the river bottom just waiting for a hungry barras to suck them up. So there's me, my brother, Mum and Dad all packed into this tiny little tinny. Fishing was a little slow that day so we were going through our lunch rations. Corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches, cans of soft drink, poppa juices and snack sized packets of chips. We had a theory about these small packets of chips. At one point someone had opened a packet of cheese Twisties, and the instant they did, one of our lines took off. So Mum picked up another packet of Twisties. She told my brother that when she opened them, his line would take off. The moment she pulled that little foil packet open, her own line whizzed through her fingers! We all laughed our guts out as Mum struggled and cursed at the fish that had taken her by surprise. We still talk about it nowadays.

Feeling: Disbelieving. When I had almost finished the flu I got at uni, I somehow caught the one my brother was carrying.

Wearing: Jeans, boots, a deliciously fluff-lined jacket and an old Mickey Mouse tee.

Listening to: From the Music - The Potbelleez

Eating: Nothing at the moment. Had some little pies and puffy cheese and spinach pastry things for breakfast. I got up rather late. Bad Raechel! :P


  1. Cheese twisties must be an Australian thing, but it sounds delicious! Same thing with poppa juices!

    1. Yeah, isn't it strange that every country has different names for things. What I call a oppose juice, i think you might call a juice box? One of those little cartons of juice with a little plastic straw glued to the side. As for Twisties, I think they may be an entirely Australian product lol. I'll find a pic for you. A Wikipedia page! Even better lol.

    2. Sorry, that's a poppa* juice. Damned autocorrect...


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