Friday, July 6, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 5

So... This week's challenge is to make a list of the five people I would most want to have dinner with. Now, the question does not state whether these people actually have to be real. As such, I am going to indulge some of my fangirl tendancies...

1. The tenth Doctor. Of course.
2. Donna Noble.
3. Tony Stark.
4. Robin Williams.
5. Hugh Jackman.

I wouldn't be able to wait to see the Doctor and Stark interact. I imagine their first reactions would be slight suspicion, but then they'd start showing off spectacularly and end up talking about quantum physics or something. Donna and I would be laughing our guts out as we chatted to Robin and Jackman - Robin for his entertainment, Jackman for his spunk and good stories about his filming career. Then Stark would get the party totally started. A drunk Doctor and a Robin will be even more side-splitting and I'll convince Stark to let me try on his suit, or at least part of it. Mid way through the party, the Doctor will drag Donna off on some seat-of-the-pants adventure and I will be hot on their heels.

Wow. Well, that took longer than I expected. The hardest part was choosing a group of people that I thought could interact well. There are a whole lot of other characters, fictional and non, that I would love to hang out with, but I didn't think would fit well in such a setting. Take Dr. Gregory House as an example. I would love to be around him for a few days, but in a party setting, he would be boring.

Wearing: Red Converse high tops, jeans, my Bad Wolf tee, fluffy jacket and new blue fingerless gloves.

Feeling: Almost fine.

Eating: Had McDonald's for lunch, but that feels like quite a long time ago.

Listening to: Own This Club - Marvin Priest

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