Saturday, July 14, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 12

12: What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?

Actually, just the rest of this month! I love July. It's winter, so expeditions to the Drive In theatre are like expeditions to the south pole, the Big Mareeba Rodeo is on this weekend and the weekend after is my 19th birthday, after which I get to go back to college!

I love the Rodeo. We've been attending it since I was really little. It has bull rides, bareback bronco riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling - all the great rodeo spectator sports, and then they have a State of Origin competition. In Australia, there is a huge rugby league game called the State of Origin. The best players from New South Wales and Queensland go head to head each year. Queensland won this year for the seventh time in a row! Go Queensland! So, at the rodeo, we do a similar tradition. A team of elite bull riders and rodeo champs from both states duel it out. Last year the New South Wales team won... Such a shame...
The best part of the Rodeo in my opinion is Sideshow Alley and all the rides that come with it. There is one awesome ride, that seriously makes you question how it's still in operation with all these health and safety regulations. It's old (it was around when my mother was young), it's rickety, and it is a total blast. Here's a short video of what the contraption does: The Zipper. The best part is when one of the small carriages on the track is thrown over then end of the main rotating oblong. There is so much g-force in your tiny little cage and sometimes you can get up to nine revolutions in one go.

So, my birthday is also coming up. On one hand - presents! Big yays! On the other hand - oh my God, I'm going to be nineteen... It really does freak me out that I have one year left of being a teenager. The time has passed so quickly it seems.

I'm looking forward to going back to college. I love my little room on campus. I love the unlimited download after eight pm. I love that I can walk across the yard and see my friends. It's great living on campus. I can't wait to get back to anime club and back into my subjects. I am so glad I chose to do this degree. i just suits me so well.

Feeling: Uber excited. Rides tomorrow!

Wearing: Short pink pyjamas. It amuses me to notice that nearly all of my pyjamas are pink. I really do not make a conscious decision to have pink pyjamas. I don't even like pink that much lol.

Eating: Trying not to eat the lollies I collected from the Rodeo Downtown Parade... Must... resist...

Listening to: Nada.

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