Saturday, July 14, 2012

15 day Challenge No# 13

Today's challenge is a list of favourites. So, here goes.

What is your favourite -

Song: I have lots of favourite songs. It really depends on what ood I'm in. But, at the moment, I'd have to say Katy Perry's Last Friday Night.

Quote: "Your future is what you make it; so make it a good one." - Dr. Emmet Brown.

Food: Risotto. Definately risotto. Just the thought of yummy, creamy chicken and parmessan risotto makes me drool.

Vacation spot: Well, at the moment it would have to be Lakefield in central Queensland, because it is a fantastic fishing spot. But, I would also say the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, because it's the only place I've been with snow.

Photo: Hrm. Well it doesn't ask whether it has to have been taken by or of me, so... Either the portrait shot I took of my boyfriend in the photo studio one night, or the one I took of my Dad in his natural environment lol.

My Dad, in his shed.
My boyfriend, looking like a Greek sculpture.

Listening to: Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison.

Feeling: Happy/tired/slightly peeved. The rodeo was good, but the ride I really wanted to go on was not there this year!

Wearing: Pink pajamas again.

Eating: Lollies and flairy floff! :P

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