Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 7 & 8

Bah. I did it again. I left myself some time to do yesterday's blog, but accidentally spent it playing Facebook games and Minecraft. Oops. So today is another double post.

Challenge 7: Recommend a book.

Hmm... I have read quite a few books. Mostly young adult fiction. I think I would have read more books than any other person in my grade at high school. I always had one with me in class to read when I had finished my work (teachers used to dislike me doing this) and I developed the ability to read while walking, without running into things.
Now, it may seem like I'm copying Paul, but I really do have to recommend Terry Pratchet's Discworld series. Start at The Colour of Magic. That's the first of the fourty-two or so that he's written. You will not be disappointed - Pratchett is an absolute genius when it comes to writing. The language he uses is simply magnificent and his characters so unique and loveable. Each book is a romp that will have you splitting your sides. I know I did.

Challenge 8: Describe "The Good, Bad and the Ugly" about myself.

The good: I, in my humble opinion, am a very nice person. I am nice to everyone I meet, I try to see the reason behind people's bad behavior before I make judgements and I really don't like to manipulate people. This kindness leads to other people not wanting to be mean to me, so it's better all round for everyone.

The bad: I can be very lazy at times. Occasionally I have these sudden spurts of inspiration or productivity, but generally I am a couch potato. For example, since I got home a month ago on a break from uni, I have not unpacked my suitcase. There are clothes and art supplies spilling from my bag an suitcase all over the floor.

The ugly: In stark contrast to my first statement, I am very selfish. I like to take and not give anything back. I realise that a lot with my parents. They feed me, clothe me, provide me with money for uni, accommodation, entertainment etc, and I find myself complaining when asked to do simple chores.

In other news, I went shopping today with my mum. I got to use my Provisional license for the first time. I very much dislike driving. It took me four goes to pass my practical test because of serious underconfidence.
We went to several op-shops and to Big W and just had a general look around. I found a lovley pair of red silk stilettos seond hand. It's very rare to find such lovely shoes in my size, so I snapped those up for six dollars. Having really big feet is a trait in my family. My younger brother has size fifteen feet. When anyone else tries on his shoes, they look like clown shoes. I used to tell people that the phrase "Act your age, not your shoe size" kind of didn't apply to him lol.
So, after that, we went and had lunch at McDonalds. I decided I'd try the new Paris Chocolate Delight thing, which is a brownie with ice cream, chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows. It was... weird. The ice cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallows were all as synthetically sweet as usual, but the brownies - they tasted like chicken. I could only assume it was from being cooked in the same area as chiken patties and nuggets were prepared. I tried to convince myself that it tasted otherwise, succeeded for a while, got distracted and then realised it tasted like chicken again. I felt a little sick afterwards.

Listening to: Nothing. I don't even have music stuck in my head.

Wearing: Old school shorts and a t-shirt. I was doing a line-dancing video with Mum this afternoon.

Feeling: Tired. I expect my muscles will seize up tomorrow from the intense workout.

Eating: Definately not chicken-chocolate-ice cream soup.

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