Wednesday, July 4, 2012

15 Day Challenge No# 2 & 3

So, here again for the 15 Day Challenge. Unfortunately, I missed blogging yesterday, due to my laptop's hard drive being replaced, the OS being reinstalled and then having to install absolutely everything else imaginable. And I just figured out what and how to fix the 'Uknown Device' error in my device manager list. I found that it was an accelerometer that recognises if the laptop is freefalling and stops the hard drive to prevent any damage. The Dell techie couldn't even figure it out. I feel like such a computer super sleuth now.

Anyway. Yesterday's challenge was to write a few six word memoirs in a style Hemmingway made famous. I have not much experience at memoirs, let alone six word ones, but I'll give it a crack.

Living unashamedly, amidst books and poeple

Guess how I got this scar?  Or maybe, That's not a scar; This is!

 Do you like my picture mummy?

Am I doing it right? Because I truly have no idea. Onwards! Today's challenge is to tell about an article of clothing to which I am firmly attatched. I talked last time about my zipper earrings, but they're more an item of jewellery. Are shoes considered clothing items? If not, I could talk about the beret I wore in high school, or maybe the track pants I wore when I got my appendix out. My senior shirt? No, I'll describe the story behind my Dad's Custom Van and Car Club tee.
When he was about my age now, my father loved building go-karts, tinkering in the workshop and modifying cars. He entered a few times into the Cairns Custom Van and Car Club shows. Twice he won trophies for his hard work and each year he won, he bough a t-shirt. The one I love to wear is black with white print on it. He got that one in 1984. There is also a white version with black print from 1988. The funniest thing about them, I think, is that they fit me perfectly now. Dad used to be as tiny and as skinny as I am. He's a lot different now lol.

Dad then, with his pimped out van and its trophy, and wearing the shirt.

Dad now, with a phishie

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